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SIAFI 2015

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Talent event - July 2015

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  • Session 1: 18-22 May 2015
  • Session 2: 26-30 October 2015

One of the dimensions of the sustainable strategy is the social dimension. The Social Pillar, including training and education issues, is one of the three key pillars of sustainable development, along with environmental and economic issues. Training, education and workforce development have a key role to play to accompany and anticipate the transformations that are happening in many industries, including the rail sector.

Demands on railway organisations are changing: liberalisation, internationalisation/global market and supply chain, technical harmonisation and new technologies, as well as increasing service expectations, new social frameworks, demographic challenges and the loss of corporate knowledge.

It is of utmost importance for railway employers to attract and retain the best talents available in the job market.

To accompany these changes and support its members in their national approaches and efforts, the UIC General Assembly of December 2012 voted a global project “Network of railway talents” (TALENT project), which aims to create a strong and sustainable foundation for fostering international cooperation among the young and experienced talents in the railway sector.

One important aim of the project is also to facilitate the process of knowledge, values and experience sharing between different generations of railway people, as well as to stimulate the active dialogue between cultures and generations based on the principles of openness, respect and equality

The project is based on a set of complementary activities targeted at the development of junior and senior TALENTS.

Amongst the different training offers is the SIAFI SIAFI Interactive Sessions on International Railway Business training which has been for several decades the outstanding international railway training for managers from railway companies and other sector organisations. The increasing connectedness of railways make it more and more crucial for companies to have international minded managers with a good understanding of the changing business environment, capable of sizing the challenges and opportunities for Railways. Both the important benchmarking opportunities within the railway industry offered by the programme and the active networking that fosters a truly global learning experience make us confident in the value that this programme can deliver to both participants and the sending organizations.

The participation in the SIAFI training is also a great opportunity to get your talents involved in the exciting and challenging TALENT project!

Jean Pierre Loubinoux
UIC Director General

  • Published 2015-03-17
  • Updated 2015-05-22