MERITS Database
MERITS (Multiple European Railways Integrated Timetable Storage) is a single database containing the timetable data of 32 railway companies which is integrated and reproduced on a monthly basis. MERITS is designed to allow each railway company to have rapid access to all the data it needs to produce timetables, and to operate with one single source of data, thereby doing away with the large number of multilateral exchanges.
MERITS is not an application for the general (...)

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8th UIC world congress on high speed rail 2012

Successful and historic "meeting point" for all stakeholders involved in high speed rail

8th UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail - Key Figures
3 Ministers
32 CEOs and Directors from railway companies
1,000 congress delegates from 37 countries
2,700 visitors
2 round tables and 25 parallel sessions, including 3 special sessions for high speed corridors around the world
190 speakers: participants in opening session, round tables and parallel sessions
80 exhibitors from 12 countries, 2,300 sq m of exhibition
13 participants in the students’ programme
Train (...)

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Passenger activities

Intercity and High Speed
Strategic Objectives
Promote the development of efficient integrated rail systems under ideal conditions for UIC members, customers and society, at a particularly historical moment where high speed is developing at an impressive pace around the world.
For UIC members who operate intercity and high speed systems: Provide help in their relationship with authorities, industry, etc.
For UIC members whose high speed and intercity developments are not yet in (...)

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9th UIC world congress on high speed rail 2015

7-10 July 2015, Tokyo - Celebrate the past, Design the future

The Congress is being coordinated by East Japan Railway Company in collaboration with all parties involved in high speed rail in Japan, and more generally with all UIC member railways.
This is the world’s most important meeting for high-speed rail, and is expected to attract more than 1,000 attendees from across the globe to exchange views on the development and achievements of high-speed rail worldwide.
The World Congress will feature international rail experts on transportation policy (...)

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