UIC video “UIC Railways in 2009” available to members

A short video was produced for the opening of the UIC General Assembly on 8th December. The first presentation took place at the UIC reception at the Automobile Club de France, place de la Concorde, on the evening of 7th December.

The three-minute film was made on behalf of UIC by the FRL production company in close cooperation with the Communications departments of UIC member railways and leading railway manufacturers. Member railways sent a selection of footage illustrating the latest railway developments in 2009 around the world, for example the inauguration of new lines, new stations, new rolling stock and some other important events relating to the railways or to UIC.

The video will be used again by UIC in 2010 to open workshops, seminars, meetings with invited groups of visitors (media, politicians, etc.). It can also be used of course by member railways for the opening of meetings or workshops focusing on international cooperation between railways.

We are particularly thankful / grateful to the UIC member railways who sent contributions for the preparation of this video.

DVD copies can be easily obtained by contacting the UIC Communications department: com@uic.org


PTR Strategy Programme 2020 launched

The UIC Research and Technology Platform’s Steering Body has approved the PTR Strategy Programme 2020 to define its strategic orientation for the next decade.

PTR’s mission, now as part of the new Infrastructure and Rail System Forum, is supporting all UIC bodies dealing with technological development and research, system related transversal matters such as safety and environment – in order to develop an integrated rail system. PTR, as one pillar of UIC, contributes to the holistic development of the rail system and enhances its competitiveness with the other modes of transport. PTR‘s work is dedicated to topics related to the European railway system and open to the world.

The core subject is rolling stock including the interfaces to the railway infrastructure (permanent way, electrical power supply, signalling) and environmental issues among others. The key activities standardisation and input for European technical harmonisation was broadened to railway research and development.

It assures the co-ordination and management of the EU research projects and supports the worldwide research activities.
This PTR Strategy Programme 2020 is a roadmap with a long-term horizon for the development of rolling stock and the interfaces. It allows an easy assessment of all future R&D activities and the set-up of annual PTR working programmes. The main target groups are the Programme Managers, the PTR Steering Body, the RCG chairman, the RCG/ERRAC Interface Managers as well as the members of the UIC Rail System Department.

The Research and Technology Platform (PTR) has identified the following mega trends and challenges for the socio-economic, ecological and technical development in Europe until the year 2020:
• Transport
• People
• Environment
• Politics

With the people and the economy changing quickly (even quicker than in the past decades) the railways have to find the right answers to comply the needs of tomorrow’s passengers and customers.
Based on this, eight strategic goals have been extracted to identify the framework for finding concrete answers to the future socio-economic, ecological and technical challenges in tomorrow’s Europe. The first three were assessed as top priority.
1. Driving the global system (Top Priority)
2. Environment (Top Priority)
3. Economics (Top Priority)
4. Capacity
5. Safety
6. Security
7. Service
8. Human Resources and Know-How
This programme is not supposed to compete with other platform’s strategies but to be regarded as one brick in a common UIC strategy paper to face tomorrow’s challenges. It shall be in line with the global strategy of the railway community. This working paper shall trigger off the necessary discussion with other UIC bodies and the railway community.

The paper is available on the UIC Extranet or contact wiebe@uic.org for more information


6th UIC World Security Congress 2010 to be held in Istanbul, from 21 to 23 April 2010

The 6th UIC World Security Congress 2010 will be held in Istanbul from Wednesday 21 April 2010 to Friday 23 April 2010 at the invitation of Turkish Railways (TCDD). It will address key issues in the field of rail security, which recent events have once again brought to the fore. It will also be the opportunity to set a course for 2010 and beyond in cooperation with the relevant professional and institutional partners.

The definitive programme will be completed by late January 2010 according to the wishes expressed and questions put forward by UIC members.

Without further ado, the call for papers is open.

For any further information or proposals for presentations: security2010@uic.org


Signature contract between UIC and the European Railway Agency for TSI TAP

On the 18th of December Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC General Director and Mr Marcel Verslype, Executive Director of the European Railway Agency (ERA) signed a contract for the TAP TSI ERA Technical Documents related to Passenger Telematics. This TSI (Technical specification for Interoperability) concerns the telematics applications for distribution of tickets and information for passenger service on the trans-European rail system. The aim of the TSI is to strengthen the market position of interoperable rail transport service and create clear and transparent rules for all actors in the rail passenger domain such as passengers, railway undertakings, station managers, infrastructure managers, local authorities and licensed ticket vendors.

The contract is an important step in the relationship between ERA and UIC and is an acknowledgement of the existing work of the UIC and it members. The technical content of the TAP TSI will be based on existing UIC leaflets that have been especially prepared to become a part of the European legislation. UIC will together with ERA ensure that the concerned UIC leaflets in the future will remain synchronized with the ERA technical documents thereby ensuring that UIC members that already comply with the existing UIC leaflets will automatically comply with the TAP TSI requirements covered by the leaflets.


INESS General Assembly (Paris, 16 December 2009)

The INESS General Assembly took place at UIC Paris on 16 December 2009. The Assembly was attended by approximately 50 participants including Consortium partners (representatives from the EU, the industry, railway stakeholders and the umbrella railways).

The meeting was opened by Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC General Director, who extended a warm welcome to all the participants and key speakers and highlighted the main developments which have taken place at UIC this year. He introduced Mr Emilio Maestrini as the new Director of the UIC Rail System department. Frans Heijnen (UNIFE) stressed the need to review the progress to date and to continue to make the project a success. Furthermore, he reaffirmed the message that all partners are striving for a win-win situation. A few words were then pronounced by the acting Chair Maarten Van Der Werff (ProRail), who agreed with Frans Heijnen on the importance of industry participation in the project.

Paolo De Cicco, INESS EU Coordinator, delivered the first presentation of the Assembly, outlining the progress made with the EC since the kick-off meeting in October 2008. He began by reminding all the participants of the main role of the General Assembly, that is, to provide a mechanism to make sure all parties are informed in detail of the activities undertaken, the progress made and any key issues that arise. He introduced the EC INESS project reviewers Marinna Berova and Bogdan Godziejewski. He later introduced Aline Wego as the new INESS Financial Project Manager and two new representatives from ProRail now working on the project: Lex Moscou and Paul Schreinmakers. The main message was with regard to the submission of certain key reports, in particular the Annual Management and Activity Reports, delivered to the Commission in December 2009 as planned. He informed the assembly that the 1st review meeting with the EC is due to be held on 20 January 2010 at UIC.
Emmanuel Buseyne, INESS Project Manager, reported on the progress that had been made during the course of the first year of the project. His presentation included a reminder of the objectives for the first year, a brief outline of the scope, concept and methodology of the project, the main achievements over the past year and an outline of the next main steps for each workstream. He was pleased to announce to the assembly that the project was on the right track and that fruitful collaboration should continue in the future.

The year 1 management reporting was given by Richard Vaux, representing the consulting group ALMA, who gave an outline of the achievements during the first year, and announced that the project was running to schedule. Aline Wego (UIC) and Celine Michel (ALMA), gave brief presentations on the financial and administrative issues and thanked the Consortium partners for their cooperation and contribution to the project.
Later in the morning presentations were made by Bernd Elsweiler (DB Netz) and Wendi Mennen (ProRail), leaders of Workstreams B and D respectively. The main goal of WS B (Business Case) was to analyse the economic effects of other workstreams. WS B has achieved the expected results of the first year and developed a methodology to evaluate the economic impact on LCC of all WS outcomes. The next main steps are to identify the costs drivers of the signalling systems.

WS D (Generic Requirements for ERTMS-Compliant Interlockings) reported on all the results achieved to date in the workstream, the guidelines which define the requirements environment and the verification and validation strategy having been established. The next step is to propose a common core of requirements and to integrate the ERTMS layer.

The meeting continued in the afternoon with progress reports by the WS leaders E (Functional Architecture and Interfaces), F (Testing and Commissioning), G (Safety Case Process) and H (Dissemination, Exploitation, Training and Coaching). Jorge Gamelas (BV), leader of WS E, which only recently started the work in accordance with the schedule set out in the DoW, reported on the main tasks of the WS, in particular drawing up the questionnaires, endeavouring to harmonise the interfaces and making the first steps toward functional architecture. WS E will continue to finalise the data collection and start designing the architecture.

Ian Harman (Network Rail), leader of WS F, spoke of the new plan drawn up for M1-M12 involving a simpler revised data gathering method. He expressed his hopes that the plan would bring new results. The next steps of WS F will be to write a state-of-the-art report explaining the relevant testing and commissioning activities in INESS in the various domains of application.
Carsten Trog (Funkwerk-IT), leader of WS G, reported on the tasks and results of his workstream. The safety case process has been modelled and definition of short-term and long-term goals to build a tool has been carried out. WS G work will continue in the same vein by writing the system and software specification for support tool.

The final presentation was given by Maria Lafont (UIC), WS H leader. The presentation included a report on the development of dissemination and communication tools. The work plan for the next six months will include setting up an INESS publication strategy, organising stakeholder and supplier workshops and continued representation of the INESS project at major conferences and fairs.

A brief question and answer session followed before the assembly gave its full endorsement to the progress of the project and to the support of the Steering Board and the management team. Closing remarks were then made by the Chairman, the INESS Coordinator and the UNIFE representative. They expressed their warm thanks to all the participants for having attended the assembly and announced the date of the INESS GA, which is due to be held on 25 November 2010.

For further information on the INESS project please contact Emmanuel Buseyne (INESS Project Manager) at buseyne@uic.org, Paolo de Cicco (INESS Coordinator) at deciccio@uic.org or Maria Lafont (Workstream H Leader) at lafont@uic.org


Announcement of the 11th UIC Sustainability Conference (Madrid, 16-18 June 2010). “Railways: Mobility for a sustainable future”

The “11th UIC Sustainability Conference” - hosted by Renfe Operadora, Spain – will take place in Madrid from 16–18 June 2010 with the motto “Railways: Mobility for a sustainable future”.

During 3 days the conference delegates will be able to understand where the rail sector stands today, share best practices and help influence where rail should go in future sustainable mobility, introducing new and sustainable ways of life and business. This includes showing the progress of rail on energy efficiency and climate change, noise, emissions and polluted soil management. Learn how the rail sector continuously improves its environmental and sustainability performance, and of course, take a look into the future with top global sustainable mobility pioneers.

Conference Highlights
Conference Days 16-17 June:
• Lessons after Copenhagen COP 15: the rail challenge!
• The Spanish Railway Case
• European Transport Policies
• Sustainability of High Speed Rail
• Sustainability best practice and case studies from all over the world
• Rail Environment & Sustainability Strategy 2030 and beyond
• UIC Sustainability Awards 2010
Technical Visit 18 June (in the morning)
• Train trip on the High Speed section Madrid-Segovia of the Madrid-Valladolid HS line.(30 km. tunnels, record bridges, regional high speed trains…and Segovia!)

and many more topics…

Block your calendar for the 16–18 June 2010 in order not to miss this event. The first invitation with detailed information will follow soon.

Looking forward to meeting you all next June in Madrid!

The UIC and Renfe Operadora organising team


Switzerland. The SBB “Climate Express” Berne-Copenhagen highlights rail advantages for a sustainable transport system. The Swiss initiative successfully contributes to the worldwide UIC campaign “Train to Copenhagen”

The “Climate Express” operated by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) in cooperation with City Night Line – the night train service of Deutsche Bahn – between Berne and Copenhagen on 16-17 December was a success. The purpose of this campaign was to bring Mr. Moritz Leuenbeger, Head of the Swiss delegation, together with around 90 guests representing government and parliament, international organisations and NGOs, railways and the media, from Berne to the Copenhagen climate change conference, and to use this opportunity to highlight the advantages of rail transport to serve a genuine CO2 emissions reduction policy. The SBB delegation was led by the Executive Director General Mr. Andreas Meyer and the President of the Board Mr. Ulrich Gygi, and included Nicolas Perrin, CEO SBB Cargo and Remy Chrétien, Head of the SBB Environment Centre. Paul Véron, Director of Communications and Henning Schwarz, Coordinator for Sustainable Development, represented UIC onboard.

This special “Climate Express” journey from Berne to Denmark provided an excellent opportunity to hold debates onboard in the form of forums and panels with the participation of politicians, researchers and scientists, railway managers and even school children. The main themes were the current challenges connected to CO2 emissions and global warming, the responsibility of transport activities (25% of global emissions), in particular concerning the automobile, and the solutions that railways are able to offer to contribute to a more sustainable mobility policy (by modal shift or by improving own performances towards environment. During a stop in Burgdorf, a locomotive was inaugurated with the slogan “Le train…un geste pour le climat”. It will run for one year to promote the climate-friendliness of rail transport towards the public.

This successful SBB initiative was part of a worldwide campaign coordinated by UIC in close cooperation with its members to promote rail sustainability on the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change conference (see also previous “UIC e-News” information on the Brussels-Copenhagen “Climate Express” and the special Russian train from Vladivostock to Moscow).


In 2010 a series of major railway events organised by UIC and its Members at global level

In close cooperation with its members, UIC will initiate a number of major international railway events in 2010. These congresses and conferences will provide unique opportunities to promote international cooperation between members, develop new partnerships and intensify exchanges on best practices at global level.

Major UIC events planned for 2010:

21-23 April 2010, Istanbul: UIC Security 2010, 6th world congress on Railway Security organised by UIC with Turkish Railways TCDD (contact: Jacques Colliard, colliard@uic.org, Head of the UIC Security Division, Paul Véron, veron@uic.org for the specific programme related to Middle-East (RAME) Railways)

7-9 June 2010, Tokyo, 2nd UIC Global Signalling Conference TM & CCS prepared by UIC with Japanese Railways JR-East (contact: George Barbu, Signalling Senior Advisor, barbu@uic.org),
The UIC General Assembly is also scheduled to take place in Tokyo during this period

16-18 June 2010, Madrid, 11th UIC Sustainability Management Conference (conference theme: “Railways: Mobility for a Sustainable Future”) hosted by RENFE Operadora and co-organised by UIC and RENFE (contact: Henning Schwarz, UIC Coordinator Sustainable Development, Schwarz@uic.org)

22 June 2010, ILCAD (International Level-Crossing Awareness Day) organised by UIC with ELCF, CER and EIM, and supported by the United Nations, the European Commission, the road organisations FIA, PRI, the European Transport Safety Council ETSC and the ERA

6-7 July 2010: Saint-Petersburg, 2nd UIC Global Rail Freight Conference GRFC (director: Oliver Sellnick, Director UIC Freight Department and UIC Coordinator for Russia, sellnick@uic.org)

26-29 October, Tokyo, Level Crossing 2010, 11th Global Level-Crossing Symposium prepared by JR-East in conjunction with UIC (contact: Koichiro Suzuki, project Advisor, suzuki@uic.org , information on the Symposium: Koei Gemba, International Department JR-East, Tokyo, k-genba@jreast.co.jp)

7-9 December 2010, Beijing, UIC HIGHSPEED 2010, 7th world congress on High Speed rail (director: Ignacio Barron de Angoiti, Director of UIC Passenger Department, barron@uic.org)
The UIC General Assembly is also due to be held during this period in Beijing

UIC is also one of the founding and organising partners of the WCRR, the world congress on Railway Research. The 9th edition is scheduled to take place in Lille, France, on 22-26 May 2011. Organising (WCRR ORG) and Executive (WCRR EXE) Committees are both chaired by SNCF which is hosting the congress in France (UIC contact: Paul Véron, veron@uic.org)


Memorandum of Understanding between ANTC and ENRTC Signed

On December 23, 2009, IRaTCA (International Railway Training Centers for UIC Asia) announced that MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed for the mutual collaboration between ANTC (Asian Network of Rail Training Centers) and ENRTC (European Network of Rail Training Centers).

As a follow-up measure of 2nd ANTC Seminar from November 10 to 12 (3 days) held in Hanoi, Vietnam, this MOU had been proposed by Mr. HYON, Yong Chon, Chairman of ANTC (and also Director of IRaTCA) to seek any collaboration between Asia and Europe in the field of training at the Special Meeting with Mr. Harald Storstrom, Chairman of ENRTC and Ms. Nathalie Amirault, Head of Expertise Development Unit of UIC present.

The MOU contains the contents to benchmark the European advanced training methods and conduct exchanges of lecturers and trainees for a closer cooperation in the field of training. The process has been easygoing under the active support and eager interest of Mr. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of UIC.

The conclusion of MOU is an exemplary case for the continuous expansion of UIC mission – collaboration spirit - toward Asia because it paved the way for the dissemination of European advanced training methods to Asia and the standard set-up to overcome the widespread diversity of Asian training sectors.

“Through this MOU, more strengthening collaboration between both continents is anticipated and the concrete programs to carry out this MOU need to be studied in the near future,” Mr. HYON said.


Turkey / Syria: the 3rd Railway Border Gate has opened

The Cobanbey Railway Border Gate was opened on 22nd December in an inauguration ceremony with the participation of His Excellency Mr. Binali Yıldırım, Turkish Minister for Transport, His Excellency Mr. Yarob Süleyman, Syrian Minister for Transport, Mr. Süleyman Karaman, Director General of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) and Mr. Georges Mokabari, Director General of Syrian Railways (CFS).

The Cobanbey Border Gate is the 3rd railway border gate in addition to the existing two railway border gates, Nusaybin and Meydan-i Ekbez, between Syria and Turkey. In re-opening the Çobanbey Railway Border Gate, which had been closed since 1981, the 145 km line running between Gaziantep, Karkamış and Çobanbey and the 62 km line between Aleppo and Cobanbey have been renewed.

It is expected that the opening of the Cobanbey Border Gate will enable one million tons of freight and one thousand passengers a year to be transported between the countries in the region.


18th CineRail International Festival ‘Train & Metro on Rail’ from 2-9 March 2010 Latest audio-visual productions from UIC members and rail sector partners to be shown from 4-5 March at UIC HQ. Call for entries

Latest audiovisual productions from railway and public transport companies to be presented on 4th - 5th March 2010 at UIC HQ. The film programme will address corporate communications, commercials and TV spots, internal communications and training purposes, TV documentaries.

The latest audio-visual productions from railway and public transport companies are to be shown from 4-5 March 2010 at UIC HQ. The film programme will address corporate communications, commercials and TV spots, internal communications and training purposes (on safety, security, etc.), as well as TV documentaries. The two CineRail “professsional days” are part of the official programme of the 18th CineRail (International Festival ‘Train & Metro on Rail’) that will take place in Paris from 2-9 March 2010. This international event is co-founded and supported by UIC, SNCF, UITP and a large number of railway-related partners.

This unique international event entirely dedicated to audio-visual productions and films produced on railway themes has become, after 17 editions, a world-wide reference. It gives professionals dealing with railway communications an extremely valuable opportunity to share experiences and best practices in the production and use of audiovisuals. An international competition will be held to evaluate the quality and efficiency of the audio-visuals shown.
In preparation for this international event, railways companies are invited to register the films / audio-visuals they intend to screen, and to send a DVD to the Cinerail Organisation for an initial viewing and selection.

Relevant categories are:

• Corporate communications films (audiovisual ’business cards’, screening of large rail projects, etc.)
• Commercials, TV spots
• Internal communications on staff training, safety, security, etc.
• Documentaries produced for TV on railway issues
• Feature films (cinema, TV) produced with the support / sponsorship of UIC member railways
Technical specifications for a screening in Paris from 2-9 March (public screenings) or from 4-5 March at UIC HQ (professional days) are:
• Films with English voice-overs or subtitles
• Length not longer than a standard TV documentary (50’)
• Accepted formats: Betacam SP or Digital Betacam - DVD-R or DVD+R only

Information and registration online at www.cinerail-fest.com Contact: Etienne Mortini, CineRail, 23 allée de la 2e DB – F - 75015 Paris (France) - etienne.mortini@cinerail-fest.com
UIC Contact: Liesbeth de Jong, UIC Communications Department, Tel: + 33 1 44 49 20 53, E-mail: dejong@uic.org


UIC and the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) form a new partnership.

In February, Federal Railroad Administrator Joseph Szabo and Federal Railroad Deputy Administrator Karen Rae will be keynote speakers at the Regional Seminars on High-Speed Rail organised under the new APTA/UIC partnership.

APTA and UIC developed a first set of three regional seminars to provide U.S. decision makers with the information necessary to implement high-speed rail. Federal Railroad Administrator Joseph Szabo, FRA Deputy Administrator Karen Rae and Jean-Pierre Loubinoux UIC Director General will be keynote speakers at these regional seminars due to be held in February.
The seminars, titled “International Practicum on Implementing High-Speed Rail in the United States,” will be held on February 8-9 in Washington, February 9-11 in Chicago, and February 11-13 in Los Angeles. The programs feature practitioners from high-speed rail systems around the world and will focus on best practices and lessons learned from European and Asian systems. Experts from Spain, Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy and France will share their experience and knowledge, with U.S.-based speakers providing appropriate context for application in the North American operating environment.
The seminars are designed for local decision makers and practitioners, including executive and senior transportation managers, strategy experts, chief engineers, economists and stakeholder organizations who must understand the issues they will face as their regions develop high-speed rail. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) will grant professional development hours to state US DOT (Department of Transportation) employees enrolled in the practicum.
This is the first set of seminars developed under a new partnership signed last December between APTA and the UIC. The two groups will now be able to engage in extensive information sharing and the development of common activities that can cover the various technical, finance and management aspects of planning and building high-speed rail systems.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, says “UIC is delighted to cooperate in organising these seminars and to develop common activities with APTA as the development of high-speed is one of the cornerstones of UIC’s activities and an area which is set to present real industrial, technological, financial and social challenges for railway companies and manufacturers. This initiative is fully in line with UIC’s worldwide scope and we hope that the international rail experience acquired by UIC over years, thanks to the excellent cooperation with and among its members, can contribute to the development of the railway mode in the USA and in other regions of the world”.

News from UIC members

Spain. More than 1.5 billion euros for high speed

The Spanish Government has approved the procurement of works on seven high speed lines for a total sum of 1562.5 million euros. The public works investment, the largest made by the Ministry of Public Works for some time, will help to create employment and reactivate the economy.

This investment covers the construction of the La Sagrera station in Barcelona, the first two high speed sections between Valencia and Castellón, and the last section of the Monforte del Cid-Murcia route, which was still in the design phase.
It also includes complementary actions on the Pajares By-Pass, the track formation of three subsections on the Lubián-Ourense section and the Phase I Bobadilla Junction section situated in Málaga province, as well as the Grimaldo-Casas de Millán subsection in Cáceres province.

Cooperation News from UIC members

RZD to extend broad-gauge track to Vienna

On 22 December in Kiev, Russian Railways (RZD) President Vladimir Yakunin participated in the work of the supervisory council of a joint venture for a project to build a broad-gauge railway. Also involved in the supervisory council’s work were the general director of the State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine, Mykhaylo Kostyuk, and representatives of the railways of Slovakia and Austria.

At the end of the meeting it was announced that the procedure has begun for selecting contractors to draw up a feasibility study for the project to build broad-gauge rail lines.

The aim of the project is to link the railway system of Central Europe with regions on the Trans-Siberian route, attract freight to the Asia - Russia - Central Europe route, and to raise the competitiveness of railway transportation compared to sea and road transport.

According to the plans, the broad-gauge track will be extended from Košice (Slovakia) to Vienna (Austria).

“This project embodies our approach to developing cooperation not only in railway transport, but in harmonizing transport rights, and providing deeper integration, including between countries of the CIS and the EU”, Vladimir Yakunin said.

In April 2008 in Vienna, RZD, along with the rail companies of Austria, Slovakia, and Ukraine, signed a protocol on starting the pre-project phase of research into extending the broad-gauge rail network into Central Europe. The sides agreed to study the technical and financing potential for improving the attractiveness of the existing infrastructure, modernizing it, and also building new rail lines, both narrow and broad gauge.

In May 2009 in Sochi, RZD and the rail companies of Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine, signed a resolution of the organizing committee for the project to extend the broad-gauge railway, on starting the work of a joint venture for concluding a feasibility study on the project.

Next meetings scheduled

  • 18-20 October 2017 Statistics Steering Committee Meeting UIC
  • 19-22 October 2017 Next Station Conference Madrid
  • 19 October 2017 Freight Steering Committee
  • 23-28 October 2017 International Railway Safety Council (IRSC) HONG KONG
  • 24-28 October 2017 Intercity & High Speed Committee Plenary meeting Shanghai
  • 24 October 2017 RSF Plenary
  • 25 October 2017 OptiYard TMC Meeting UIC Headquarters
  • 25 October 2017 Optiyard SMC meeting UIC Headquarters
  • 26-27 October 2017 OptiYard Kick-off meeting UIC Headquarters
  • 26-27 October 2017 Expertise Development Platform Rome, Italy
  • 30-31 October 2017 16th UIC Asia-Pacific Management Committee Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • 30-31 October 2017 Commercial and Distribution Steering Committee Conference Call
  • 30 October 2017 CDF Steering Committee Conference Call
  • 30 October 2017 Commercial and Distribution Forum Steering Committee conference call
  • 31 October 2017 - 1 November 2017 24th UIC Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • 6 November 2017 Commercial and Distribution Forum plenary meeting Paris
  • 7 November 2017 European Management committee Assistants Paris
  • 7 November 2017 European Group of Assistants Paris
  • 8-10 November 2017 10th APNRTC (Asia-Pacific Network of Railway Training Centres) Chengdu, China
  • 8-9 November 2017 APNRTC (Asia Pacific Network of Rail Training Centres) SWJTU, Chengdu, China
  • 8 November 2017 91st General Assembly Preparatory Group Paris
  • 13-18 November 2017 5th Training on High Speed Systems Level II Madrid
  • 14 November 2017 Safety Platform Steering Group meeting UIC HQ PARIS
  • 15 November 2017 Safety Platform Plenary meeting UIC HQ PARIS
  • 21-24 November 2017 Commuter and regional Training Rome

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