Last updated 26/11/2014
Activités de diversification des entreprises de chemin de fer? Une convergence vers la gare? (version papier)
This study examines railway companies’ initiatives to diversify their business, especially activities harnessing the ground rent and commercial potential generated by railway infrastructure. Following a broad qualitative and quantitative description of these activities around the world in 2003/2004, the study charts their development between 1990 and 2004. There is a growing trend for these activities to focus on stations, which the study suggests is due to certain economic and financial features of the various attempts at diversification. The authors describe some of the consequences of this tendency, and investigate whether a model can be created bringing together activities in stations and the way they are operated, based on a study carried out at a number of railway companies.
Emmanuel Doumas, PSE - ENPC Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées et Kae Debayles-Oki, PARVIS-Groupe SNCF, Université Paris IV Sorbonne
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133 pages,