Last updated 25/11/2014
Les grandes gares dans les grandes villes. Situation actuelle de leurs configurations spatiales et offres commerciales à Osaka, Londres et Paris. (version PDF)
Railway companies, public institutions and universities in Europe and Japan have been looking at options for the development of station facilities from different standpoints for fifteen years. Large stations in urban areas are today seeing a phenomenal diversification of commercial activities, which are now playing an important role in buildings whose primary purpose is technical. They make users feel at home in the stations and the surrounding area, as well as generating income. Paris, London, Tokyo and Osaka - how are stations in different world cities pursuing policies to diversify commercial activities?
Kae Debayles-Oki, PARVIS - Groupe SNCF, Université Paris IV Sorbonne et Emmanuel Doumas, PSE - ENPC Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées
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