Sustainable Mobility Workshop UIC Headquarters, Paris

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Rail is often quoted as one of the most sustainable means of transportation. While a modal shift and an increase of rail is expected on railway networks in the coming years, the good management of railway sustainability is of major importance, as it is a key determining factor in the consumer choices.

Therefore the Rail sector need to learn the best approach to offer targeted options for the consumer.

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  • The first session “Integrated Sustainable Mobility” will provide best practices into Integrate Sustainable Mobility. The audience will hear from the most innovative door to door solutions.
  • The second session “Railways and Green Tourism” will provide insights in how digital market can help combining rail offers with a more customized demand.
  • The third session “Relations with costumers and stakeholders on environmental topics” will focus on how communications departments convey corporate sustainability initiatives to internal and external stakeholders.
  • The fourth and last session “Railways and Green Growth Approach: the benefits of investing in railways” will emphasize the importance on investing in Railways and the reasons why the sector is in an advantageous position for driving shift towards sustainable transport.

The outcome of this workshop will be the guidelines for defining ideas and proposals for UIC projects of 2016-1018.