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 Fiscal matters group


  • To constitute a discussion forum for exchanging all types of information relating to the activities of participants;
  • To enable all members to adopt common positions, in particular relating to terminology, fiscal analyses and the accounting, taxation and financial practices adopted by RUs;
  • To carry out a number of taxation studies, in particular relating to VAT and deduction at source (with reference in particular to throughworking of railway rolling stock) ;
  • To examine the fiscal consequences of the new organisation of international railway transport, in the context of the COTIF COTIF Convention Internationale sur le transport international ferroviaire 1999 and the CUV in particular;
  • To constitute a platform which provides an environment for defining and preparing joint strategies for approaching European and world bodies in order to obtain the views of these bodies on the fiscal regulations applicable to international rail transport or in order to carry out lobbying activities;
  • Further specific subjects.

 The Statistics Group


  • promote cooperation and the sharing of information and experience concerning statistics between UIC members
  • provide advice and information on statistics matters
  • monitor developments in statistics activities in the light of restructuring at railway companies and changes in international legislation, with particular - focus on developing the international aspect of UIC’s statistics activities (statistics glossary, list of UIC statistics publications, confidentiality issues etc.)
  • develop the collection, administration and distribution of statistics in line with developments in IT, enabling interactivity, speed and management of confidentiality
  • expand the collection of statistics to include qualitative data whilst prioritising the quality and swift availability of statistics over quantity in the information to be provided
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