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Standardised UIC Drawings

 Standardised UIC Drawings

The constructional characteristics of wagons and the components which can be used generally are set out in the UIC Leaflets and ERRI Technical Publications. Definitions of the different standardisation stages are set out in UIC Leaflet series 500 “Standardisation of transport stock and components”.

The wagons listed are designed so that they can receive the automatic coupler without further adaptation.


Editions Techniques Ferroviaires (ETF ETF Railway technical publications )

Tel.: +
Fax: +
Email: ETFpubli uic.org


UIC possesses and sale complete sets of constructional drawings for the standard wagons, bogies and parts as listed in this document. For purchase , see “How to ordering/pay”


The main parts of drawings are described below:

  • 1. Standardised Freight wagons
  • 2. Freight wagons, parts
  • 3. Bogies
  • 4. Single drawings
  • 5. Bogies components
  • 6. Buffing and draw gear components
  • 7. Automatic coupler
  • 8. Brake parts for wagons
  • 9. Load safety, load protection
  • 10. Fittings
  • 11. Components of two-axle open wagons
  • 12. Components of high-sides open bogie wagons
  • 13. Components of covered bogie wagons


The catalog of drawings is only in English but the standard drawings exist with inscriptions in the three UIC languages (English, French and German). In some cases drawings and parts lists may only be available in just one language. They may be supplied in the following forms Files( *.TIF ) or Paper A4-A3


Drawings are sold under license and the use of the drawings is only permitted by those Customers who buy theses drawings.


Applications for drawings should be addressed to:

Editions Techniques Ferroviaires (ETF)
16 rue Jean Rey
F-75015 Paris
Tel : +
Fax : +

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