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Energy Billing Project

More and more traction units in Europe are equipped with metering systems collecting data regarding energy consumption and the positions of the traction units. To avoid different metering systems being installed according to national specifications it is necessary for cross-border traffic to standardise the exchange of data. In this light the Energy Billing Project was set up in October 2005 in order to ensure an exact billing of energy consumption for interoperable cross-border rail traffic in Europe.

Together with the standardisation of the metering equipment by CENELEC CENELEC European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation the results of the Energy Billing project will enable rail operators to pay the energy bill according to the actual energy consumption only.

 UIC leaflet 930

The Energy Billing Project has elaborated the UIC leaflet 930 “Exchange of data for cross-border railway energy settlement”. The leaflet was published in November 2009.

The purpose of the UIC leaflet 930 is to:

  • Describe the processes and protocols used for the exchange of energy consumption data between Infrastructure Managers which by respecting existing national systems thereby contribute to an improvement in European railway sector interoperability.
  • Define the technical requirements for the checking and verification of this data.
  • Allow Railway Undertakings to identify their genuine energy consumption and therefore pay exactly what is consumed; associate the consumption of each train to the bill and the energy price (including existing models) which will lead finally to energy savings.

The final results of the Energy Billing project will be presented on the “UIC Energy Metering & Billing Day” on 3rd February 2010 at UIC Headquarters in Paris.

 Supporting documents to UIC leaflet 930

The Energy Billing Project has elaborated the following supporting documents to the UIC leaflet 930, which will support the implementation of Energy Billing Systems.

  • Supporting document 1: Border points and polygons
    Zip - 75 kb
    Supporting documents_Border_points_and_polygons_updated_to_05022014
  • Supporting document 2: Estimation systems for un-metered trains
    PDF - 127.2 kb
    Supporting document 2: unmetered trains
  • Supporting document 3: Right of access to the consumption data by Railway Undertakings and Public Information provided by Infrastructure Managers
    PDF - 43 kb
    Supporting document 3: Right of access to the consumption data
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