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TRansport Infrastructures Protection System


Under PARS 2005, the European Commission decided to fund the research project TRIPS TRIPS Transport Rail Infrastructure Protection Systems (TRansport Infrastructures Protection System) to design and demonstrate an anti-terrorist security system architecture to better detect terrorist threats and hence better protect railway passengers and infrastructures.

The challenge of enhancing security in railway network systems involves and combines in one mission, many aspects, of key security objectives. An effective rail security system will address several of the other security missions defined by the EU.

The TRIPS project investigated possibilities offered by technology and improved processes to consider innovative solutions that increase the effectiveness and reactivity for protection of passengers and infrastructure.

The project includes railway tracks, infrastructure surveillance, detection of explosives inside carriage and coach or other non conventional threats, as well as a communication and protection system architecture design.


18 months (April 2006 - December 2007)



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