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Railenergy is an Integrated Project co-funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme for Research and Development. The full name of the project is „Innovative Integrated Energy Efficiency Solutions for Railway Rolling Stock, Rail Infrastructure and Train Operation.“

The starting date of the project is 1st of September 2006, and the duration is four years. The main objective of Railenergy project is to address energy efficiency of the integrated railway system and to investigate and validate solutions ranging from the introduction of innovative traction technologies, components and layouts to the development of rolling stock, operation and infrastructure management strategies.

Inter-relationship of railway sub-systems is highly complex, especially with regard to assessing their consumption of energy. Railenergy therefore will develop a fully integrated approach as the only way to achieve true energy savings. Railenergy also aims to generate new validation standards for the energy performance of products and services and to contribute to the European harmonisation process.

Railenergy outputs & results Railenergy serves as a platform for an integrated development of new methodologies, techniques and technologies. Within this system framework approach the expected outputs of the Railenergy project are:

?Relevant baseline energy consumption figures and scenarios for selected reference systems ?A system-based concept for modelling energy consumption ?A common and standardised methodology to determine energy consumption by rail sub-systems and components in the development and procurement phases ?An integrated simulation tool for energy consumption and LCC LCC Life Cycle Costs ?An integrated railway energy efficiency management approach & decision support tool ?Strategic energy efficiency targets for rolling stock, infrastructure and traffic management ?New validated energy efficiency-oriented railway technologies for trackside and on-board sub-systems and equipment, developed in compliance with the new integrated approach ?Refined best practices for Railway Operators and Infrastructure Managers ?Strategies for incentives, pricing, and policies

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