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UIC ERTMS World Conference

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The UIC ERTMS ERTMS European Rail Transport Management System World Conference takes place every two years and gives a complete overview of the state of the art in the ERTMS business.

It follows two successful events in Stockholm, 24-26 April 2012, Malaga, Spain from 31 March – 2 April 2009 which attracted nearly 800 participants and in Berne, Switzerland in 2007.

ERTMS 2014 – Optimising Rail Investments Worldwide

The 11th UIC ERTMS World Conference is planned to take place from 1 – 3 April 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey.This international event entirely dedicated to ERTMS and both its components ETCS ETCS European Train Control System for train control and GSM-R GSM-R Global System for Mobile Communications-Railways for radio-communications, has become a worldwide reference for all decision-makers and railway professionals involved in the development of rail systems across the world.

The UIC’s purpose in organising this conference is to support and advance the momentum of ERTMS towards its objective. By bringing together the most knowledgeable professionals in the business to speak on a large variety of topics, the UIC ERTMS Conference provides the main platform to take stock of progress and to publicly present an agenda for the future.

Debates, exchanges of experience and best practice will focus on the general theme “ERTMS – Optimising Rail Investments Worldwide”. There is currently a continuous demand to make a technological leap forward in a re-organised railway environment whereby both infrastructure and train operators can take advantage of the benefits of adopting ERTMS effectively.

Turkish State Railways (TCDD) has agreed to host the conference in the extremely attractive city of Istanbul. The conference is prepared by an Organising Committee grouping senior managers from UIC, TCDD and rail industry suppliers represented in UNIFE UNIFE Union of European Railway Industries as well as Turkish organiser CMS Project.

The UIC ERTMS Word Conference programme will propose a variety of sessions from 2 – 3 April 2014. On 1 April TCDD will propose a selection of technical visits in or around the city of Istanbul. It is worth mentioning that Turkish Railways is a railway with most ambitious plans and achievements in the current period, with the fast development of a high-speed rail system, new links for rail freight including new connections with neighbouring countries, the Marmaray Project under the Bosphorus linking Europe to Asia, etc.

During the 2014 ERTMS World Conference the railways and supply industry will come together to showcase the latest achievements of ERTMS and prove their commitment to further development and progress. The technical exhibition will convincingly demonstrate the supply potential and the application of leading technologies within the ERTMS concept.

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Purchase the proceedings of 2009 edition 2009 Conference CD Rom

Author: UIC ERTMS CONFERENCE Working Group
Name: “ERTMS Word Conference Proceedings - On board and on track”
Publisher: UIC
Date of Issue: Malaga, 31 March-2 April 2009
CD-ROM available in English only

2007 Conference CD-Rom

Author: UIC ERTMS CONFERENCE Working Group
Publisher: UIC
Date and place of issue: September 2007, Berne, Switzerland
Available in English only from UIC - ETF ETF Railway technical publications catalogue

2006 Conference CD-Rom

Author: UIC ERTMS CONFERENCE Working Group
Name: “Towards a masterplan for deployment”
Publisher: UIC
Date and place of issue: April 2006, Budapest, Hungary
Available in English only

2004 Conference CD-Rom

Author: UIC ERTMS CONFERENCE Working Group
Name: “Managing the migration”
Publisher: UIC
Date and place of issue: 15-17 December 2004, Rome ROME Route Management , Italy
Available in English only

2003 Conference CD-Rom

Author: UIC ERTMS CONFERENCE Working Group
Name: “ERTMS on track for success”
Publisher: UIC
Date of issue: 10-11 December 2003, Leipzig, Germany
Available in English only

2001 Conference CD-Rom

Author: UIC ERTMS CONFERENCE Working Group
Name: “Benefits for the railways”
Publisher: UIC
Date of issue: 20-21 March 2001, Florence, Italy
Available in English only


1999 Conference CD-Rom

Author: UIC ERTMS CONFERENCE Working Group
Name: “The new challenge for ERTMS & GSM-R - From technical design to commercial operation”
Publisher: UIC
Date of issue: 25-26 November 1999, Paris, France
Available in English only


1998 Conference CD-Rom

Author: UIC ERTMS CONFERENCE Working Group
Name: “Railway Signalling and Communications Systems for the 21st Century”
Publisher: UIC
Date of issue: 25-26 November 1998, Paris, France
Available in English only


1997 Conference Brochure

Author: UIC ERTMS CONFERENCE Working Group
Name: “Seminar on Pan-European Radio and Traffic Management Systems”
Publisher: UIC
Date of issue: 14-15 October 1997, Paris, France
Paper proceedings may be consulted at the UIC Documentation Centre



Statistics were first compiled in 2007 for the edition held in Bern, Switzerland.

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Statistics 2007

Statistics were also published for the 2009 Malaga edition.

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Statistics 2009

A comparison was made between the two events:

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Comparison 2007 - 2009

Generally speaking, the ERTMS Conference is a big commercial success with a large number of participants from all over Europe and some from outside Europe.

This is the leading event in the field of ERTMS.

The parallel exhibition shows interesting new applications from the main industry: ETCS, GSM-R and radio-telecommunications, software industry and related services.

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