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UIC Membership Package - November 2009

Membership of UIC is open to any company involved in a railway transport chain or any organisation whose activity is linked to railway operations.

Membership of UIC means being a member of the worldwide community of railways. Membership gives worldwide recognition and the opportunity to meet, discuss, benchmark, study, develop, share, cooperate and network with railways and with other railway related bodies, people and institutions.

 List of UIC members

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 UIC Members categories

Active Members : companies or entities, public or private, meeting both following conditions:

  • they shall be a (passenger and/or freight) Railway Undertaking ensuring traction and/or a railway Infrastructure Manager;
  • they should have a volume of railway business in excess of an amount fixed by Internal Regulation R1 approved by the General Assembly.

Associate Members: companies or entities, public or private

  • they shall be a (passenger and/or freight) Railway Undertaking ensuring traction and/or a railway Infrastructure Manager;
  • they don’t fullfill the condition for active members of having a volume of railway business in excess of an amount fixed by Internal Regulation R1 approved by the General Assembly.

Train Operators and/or Railway Infrastructure companies are classified as either ACTIVE or ASSOCIATE MEMBERS depending on the size of their network and /or the level of their business activity.

If the Weighted Length of Network (in km) + Passenger traffic (in Mkm) + Freight traffic (in Mkm) is greater than 1000, a company is automatically considered to be an Active Member. Otherwise, the company is considered to be an Associate Member. – see UIC Statutes Article 2.2 and Regulation 1 Article 1.4 and Article for reference.

Affiliate Members: companies or entities, public or private, including institutes and associations, whose railway activities relate to urban, suburban or regional services or which conduct activities linked to the rail business.

Companies other than Train Operators and Railway Infrastructure companies are only entitled to be AFFILIATE MEMBERS unless their activities are of particular interest to UIC. – see Regulation 1 Article 1.4

 Membership fees

Fees and Contributions depend on the budgets that are voted for each year.

Core Fees finance UIC HQ (all common costs such as building maintenance and investments), UIC General Assembly costs, Technical and Support Directors / Departments running costs such as travel, document printing, working body meetings, HQ experts and Advisors).

Regional Fees finance UIC Regional Assembly costs (staff, offices, assembly organization and regional activities). If desired, a member can be part and finance more than 1 Region.

The total fee (Core + Regional) paid by a member determines that member’s voting rights.

Global Activities Fees finance strategic projects for global implementation.

Project Contributions finance specific regional (concerning 1 region only), multiregional (concerning 2 or more regions), and special group (for several members but not all the members of the region) projects.

Active Members

Active Member Core and Regional Fees are determined as a proportion of the total costs of operating UIC. Each members fees are calculated taking into account the following items:

  • Fixed part - equally distributed between all the Active members within UIC,
  • Total length of Network, weighted by characteristics of infrastructure,
  • Passenger & Freight Volume, with thresholds,
  • Weighted Passenger & Freight Revenues.

Global Activities Fees are directly funded by the Special Regional Groups.

Project Contributions are divided between each member that opts to participate in a project or projects.. The level of the contribution of each member within each project should reflect the member’s weighting (Rail System voting rights for Rail System Forum, Freight voting right for Freight Forum, etc).

Associate and Affiliate Members

Associate and Affiliate Members pay a flat Core and Regional Fee (20,400 € for Associate and 10,200 € for Affiliate – values of December 2009) . The level of the fee determines the members voting rights at the General Assembly.

The Global Activity Fees are directly funded by the Special Regional Groups.

Project Contributions are calculated in the same way as for Active Members.

 Advantages linked to membership

Active Members (Train Operators and/or Infrastructure Managers only)

Active Members are entitled to take part in any Forum, Platform and Working Group and have access to the outcomes conclusions and reports in the areas of:

  • Railway Undertakings,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Technology & Research,
  • Safety,
  • Security,
  • Environment and Sustainable Development,
  • Technology & Research
  • Other transversal groups such as Legal or finance directors, statistics or purchases professionals

Associate and Affiliate Members

Associate or Affiliate Members may take part in any Forum, Platform and Working Group which is related to their line of business, and have access, subject to certain conditions, to findings, conclusions and reports subject to the approval of other members of the Forum, Platform or Working Group

Participate in UIC Decision making

  1. take part in General Assemblies, held twice a year,
  2. take part in their Regional Assembly: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa or Middle-East,
  3. take part in major UIC events (conferences and seminars) of interest;
  4. have access to UIC core information including:

Access to UIC Publications

ETF website

  1. obtain hardcopies and CD-ROMs of publications in English, French or German, such as UIC Leaflets, UIC Codes, and UIC Statistics Publications (new documents and amendments)

Hard-copies and CD-ROMs are provided free of charge depending on the status of the member. Alternatively, extra hardcopies and CD-ROMs are available to members at discounted prices..

  1. access to UIC Terminology (RailLexic)
    • UIC members having taken part in the translation of the dictionary have discounted hardcopies and a limited number of free CD-ROMs versions.
    • other members can receive hardcopies and CD-ROMs at a different discount.
  1. opportunity to subscribe to an automatic update of UIC Leaflets and UIC Codes: every 4 months you automatically receive in hardcopy the new UIC Leaflet and UIC Code editions.
  1. buy any UIC Publication, reports or study which is not part of the membership package at the catalogue price. Some publications are available to UIC members for a fraction of their cost.

Access UIC Online

Unlimited password-protected access, free of charge, to:

  • UIC Website: All restricted sections for UIC members
  • Rail Statistics Online Database
  • extranet provides real time exclusive access to personal contacts from the 200 member railways and their experts and offers direct messenger and online documentation including the publications listed above.
  • Documentation centre specialising in railway activity across the globe

Additional Package

For an optional fee, all members of UIC are entitled to:

  1. take part in thematic Special Groups and Projects such as braking and High Speed and have
  2. access to their outcomes conclusions and reports
  3. access specific online databases or rail operating applications linked to Special Groups and Projects for example the UIC SAFETY database, RICS RICS Company code (also called RICS code or railway code) codes, ENEE ENEE European Railway Location Database , etc.

 How to become member?

Admission of new members

The admission of a new Member shall be decided by the General Assembly.

  1. The General Assembly may derogate from the rules governing membership categories, if this is of particular interest to the rail system.
  2. Membership may be provisionally granted by the Regional Assemblies or Executive Board; it must in this case be approved by the next General Assembly.

Applications for membership should follow the procedure indicated below:

  • Complete the enclosed application form (See attached document)
    Word - 181.5 kb
    Application Form
  • Provide the following documents:
  • Annual report
  • Statistics for the past 2 years (a form specifying the main indicators is enclosed) (See attached document)
    Excel - 40.8 kb
    Statistics Form
  • Send the completed form, together with the documents indicated above, to the following address:

For the attention of Mrs Markovic-Chenais
16 rue Jean Rey
75015 PARIS


How to obtain a RICS RICS code des entreprises ferroviaires code?

The Company code (also called RICS code or railway code) is a 4 digit code used in various applications to identify a company involved in the railway business. View the procedure to obtain a RICS code

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