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Chairperson: Ferdinand Schmidt, ÖBB Produktion


  • Forum plenary meetings: 2 times a year
  • Steering Committee meetings: 4 times a year

Membership of the Forum

BC, B-Cargo, BDZ TP, BLS Cargo, CCTT, CD, CD Cargo, CFL Cargo, CFL Multimodal, CFR MARFA, CFS, CICF, CP, CR, DB AG, DBSR, EJR, EVR, EVR Cargo, EUROTUNNEL, FLOYD, FS, GC, GYSEV Cargo, GySEV/RoeEE, HSH, HZ, HZ Cargo, IR, KORAIL, KTZ, LDZ, LG, NIROO, NSB Cargonet, ÖBB Produktion, ONCF, OSE, OSJD OSJD Organisation for the Collaboration between Railways (OSZhD) , PKP Cargo, PLASKE JSC, RAI, RCA, RCH, RENFE, RZD, SBB Cargo, SNCB /NMBS, SNCB Logistics, SNCF, SNCFT, SR, SRO, SZ, TCDD, TRAINOSE, Transnet, Trenitalia, VR, VR Cargo, ZFBH, ZICG, ZRS, ZSSK Cargo

Other participants (outside UIC): CER CER Community of the European Railways and CIT CIT International Rail Transport Committee

UIC Senior Advisor: GEHENOT Sandra

Overview of the Freight Forum:

Attached documents

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