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Quality/Management Systems

Study Group Quality

The activities linked to quality in the frame of the Freight Forum are handled by the various working bodies which are followed up and co-ordinated by the Study Group Quality.

The working bodies are:

  • The Study Group “Quality” is a strategic platform which watches and coordinates all activities in relation with Quality and Dangerous goods and ensures the coordination with the other Study Groups of the Freight Forum.
  • The Expert Group Quality Management Systems provides expertise, support, advice and coaching in the field of quality management systems and business excellence activities through a network of national experts.
  • The Policy Coordination Group “Dangerous Goods” which coordinates the work and studies done within UIC on safety and quality policies regarding the carriage of dangerous goods. It proposes common strategies to the railway companies, in the interests of more efficient management of the interface between the railway system and the various players concerned with transporting dangerous goods, i.e. shippers, wagon owners, trade associations, public authorities, the European Commission, etc.
  • The Expert Group “Transport of Dangerous Goods” which is made up of representatives of 22 UIC railway companies is responsible for representing UIC’s interests within the relevant international bodies (UN, Joint RID/ADR Meeting, RID Expert Committee and CEN CEN European Committee for Standardization Controls (). It is also responsible for UIC Leaflet 471-3 O (Checks to be made for dangerous goods consignments in international traffic).

Latest study group report:

PDF - 30.8 kb
UIC Study Group Report Quality
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