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Freight Operation


Operation Study Group

The purpose of the “Operation Study Group” is to harmonize operational processes, requirements and regulations. This is the basis for a seamless international and border crossing freight traffic. Issues to be tackled in this group range from:


  • Giving guidance to RUs towards their supporting role in the RU Advisory Groups vis-à-vis the IMs concerning their work initiated by EU reg. 913/2010
  • Developing a new UIC leaflet 419-3 defining the core element of the Train-ID in the framework of TAF TAF Telematic Applications for Freight TSI TSI Technical Specifications for Interoperability
  • Defining new operational rules for the parking brake force
  • Root-and-branch revision of Leaflet 472 including a harmonization of the consist list and the braking sheet by
  • Determining the data elements of the consist list for the loc driver
  • Harmonising of dangerous goods data between the RID and Leaflet 472
  • Defining requirements for the braking sheet

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