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Information Technology

The Study Group IT is an active working body from the Freight Forum bringing most of the RUs together to share information, to discuss new IT solutions and to improve existing applications.

The Study Group IT is focused on two working areas:

  • The working group GRU reports to the IT SG about problems and solutions detected by the use of the standardized pre advice messages HERMES. Composition train at the departure are issued through out this system.
  • The working group named DIUM-NHM NHM standardised merchandise classification coding group is dealing with pre defined code lists with goods on one hand and distances linked with the delivery points on the other. These working tools are currently used by the UIC members in their daily business and operations.

Within the IT study group, UIC members are acting as project owners dealing close for some issues with the Special Group RAILDATA where some 15 of them are more acting as project developers. Each session and meeting is an opportunity for the delegates to share information and news about the IT industry regarding the supply chain and transport systems.