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What’s TAF TSI TAF TSI Technical Specifications for Interoperability for Telematic Applications for Freight

  • Is an open data layer across all rail actors
  • Is Compulsory -Became an CE Regulation on 17th January 2006
  • Implementation commitment of the rail actors is documented in the Strategic European Deployment Plan (SEDP SEDP Strategic European Deployment Plan ), submitted to the EC in January 2007

What function has TAF TAF Telematic Applications for Freight TSI TSI Technical Specifications for Interoperability

  • Monitoring of freight wagons (and freight trains);
  • Marshalling and wagon allocation systems in trains;
  • Freight trains path reservation;
  • Connections with other freight modes;
  • Production of freight accompanying electronic documents

What is the Cluster TAF TSI

  • The TAF TSI Cluster led by the chairman of the UIC IT Study Group of the Freight Forum - organises, coordinates and supports the TAF TSI deployment among all RUs.
  • To ensure an effective and practicable approach to implement TAF TSI the Cluster set up working groups (WG) for each functional part of the TAF TSI.
  • The coordination between IM´s and RU´s is assured by common working groups for functional areas of TAF TSI that affect both .
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