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Benchmark Freight Productivity

During 2008 UIC offered their members to participate in a rail freight benchmark study. The background of the study was that, over the last years, the competition in the rail freight sector has been increased by the entrance of new private freight companies as well as that incumbent railways have expanded their market into an international level. The increased competition has increased the pressure on the railways to reduce costs as well as improve their performance and productivity.

The project, Benchmark Freight Productivity, compares, on a bird’s eye view, the strengths and weaknesses between the participating railway undertakings with the aim to identify areas for improvement. The clusters which the railways compared their productivity were trains, wagons, locomotives and personnel within the single wagon load and block train transports.

The study will be offered to the members on a yearly basis. This will enable the railways to measure the impact of production changes between two years.

Please see below for disguised examples:

JPEG - 80 kb
Benchmark example 1
JPEG - 106.4 kb
Benchmark example 1
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