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Study on capacity reserve

A study on capacity reserve

In its White Paper, the European Commission spoke of an increase in intra-European transport, all modes included, of 38% in ten years time. It also mentioned a growth in the rail freight’s market share of around 8 to 15% to the year 2020. To meet this challenge, a large number of railway companies has adopted an aggressive strategy where intermodal transport plays an important role. Contrary to the general trend of rail freight, rail/road intermodal transport more than doubled between 1986 and 2000 - attaining 180 million tons.

These figures show that in order to absorb the growth announced in the White Paper and for railway companies to be able to propose adapted and competitive products it has become vital to have sufficient infrastructure capacity.

That is why UIC’s Combined Transport Group has decided to commission a study to identify the measures to be taken by transport industry players (government authorities, railway companies, operators, infrastructure management). This is particularly important in terms of investment, to guarantee our share of the intermodal business.

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