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MERITS Database

MERITS MERITS Multiple European Railway Integrated Timetable Storage (Multiple European Railways Integrated Timetable Storage) is a single database containing the timetable data of 32 railway companies which is integrated and reproduced on a monthly basis. MERITS is designed to allow each railway company to have rapid access to all the data it needs to produce timetables, and to operate with one single source of data, thereby doing away with the large number of multilateral exchanges.

MERITS is not an application for the general public, but a tool designed for railway companies, which decide themselves on how their information and distribution channels are supplied based on their own commercial policy. EDIFACT is the single format used for the supply and extraction of data (SKDUPD and TSDUPD messages). An interface software programme is available for converting proprietary formats to EDIFACT and back.

Today, the database contained 350 000 different timetables. A timetable corresponds to 1 or several trains depending on the operating schedule over the period concerned. MERITS represents the first stage in the creation of a multiple railway database available to the railway companies.

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MERITS update code lists implementable on 1st July 2012
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