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Passenger Traffic Tarrifs

 UIC Leaflet 106

Standard International Passenger Tariff (TCV)

This Leaflet covers the following points:

  • the common principles for participation in the tariff
  • management and decision-making bodies
  • apportionment and structure of the tariff
  • exchange and use of fares information for a European reference price system (Europrice Charter)
  • This leaflet enables participating transport companies and carriers to apply common standardised cross-border tariff conditions.

 UIC Leaflet 108-1

Computer Generation and exchange of TCV Sections II/III and Est-West tariff on computer media

The aim of this leaflet is to enable transport undertakings party to the TCV (Standard International Passenger Tariff) and East-West-Tariff, to exchange fare information by electronic means and according to a standardised procedure.

This information is required for determining international fares and producing the relevant tickets, and constitutes Sections II and III (TCV and East-West-Tariff) for the transport undertaking concerned.

The information exchanged shall include:

  • Series with the corresponding fare information,
  • Stations with the corresponding basic information,
  • Information related to the products and services offered,
  • Tables of prices.

Application of this leaflet will enable the computerised data to be fully up-to-date with the tariffs currently in force and facilitate the introduction of the fare data into the respective distribution systems.

 UIC Leaflet 108-2

Computerised compilation of market prices and exchange of fare information on computer media

The aim of this leaflet is to enable transport companies and carriers offering domestic and international passenger transport services at inclusive and market prices to exchange, by electronic means and according to a standardised procedure, the fare information required to calculate the corresponding fares.

The information may also be used for computerised applications such as fare calculation, fare enquiries, or communications processes.

The information exchanged shall include:

  • the conditions governing fare offers,
  • distribution conditions and eligibility criteria,
  • information regarding the products and services offered,
  • price tables.

Applying this leaflet should in particular facilitate the updating of existing data by computer and incorporation of such data into information systems.

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