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Guidelines, leaflets, proceedings

The UIC Safety Unit and the Safety Platform Advirsory Groups have issued different brochures, guidelines, CD Roms or leaflets.

UIC Safety Brochure

These documents may be ordered directly to ETF (click on ETF ETF Railway technical publications )

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Guidance on high visibility clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for track workers Guidance on safety of persons working on or near railway lines Guidance on managing safety risks related to the Influence of Alcohol, Drugs and/or Psychoactive Medication Guidance on the safe use of mobile phones and other portable electronic communication devices by railway workers
PDF - 1.7 Mb
PDF - 1.3 Mb
PDF - 1.1 Mb
PDF - 1.2 Mb
Management of distressing events and prevention of post-traumatic stress Study on local management safety checks Organisational and human aspects of safety at border crossings Study on the contribution of psychology to railway operation safety Analysis of the human, organisational and social dimensions of an incident
PDF - 1.9 Mb
PDF - 2.1 Mb
PDF - 3 Mb
PDF - 3.2 Mb
PDF - 1.1 Mb
Safety Database public report 2012 Focus n°1 on Level Crossings
PDF - 1 Mb
Focus n°1 on Level Crossings {PDF}

CD ROM PROCEDDINGS: 10th Level Crossing and Trespass Symposium 2008 UIC ParisJPEG

UIC Leaflet 760 - Level crossings - Road signs and signals

UIC Leaflet 761 - Guidance on the automatic operation of level crossings

UIC Leaflet 762 - Safety measures to be taken at level crossings on lines operated from 120 to 200 km/h


Projects Officer, Interoperability and Safety


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