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SSMG - Safety System Management Group

Chairman : Jean-François Meunier, SNCF

Vice Chairman : Hans Vogt, SBB-CFF


Meetings: As the ERA ERA European Railway Agency ’s (European Railway Agency) work programme is wide-ranging and crucial due to the deadlines set by the Commission, this WG is generally convened every month.

 General information

SSMG deals with such questions as:

  • How is safety management to be organised?
  • How is safety to be assessed/measured?
  • How are decisions to be taken on the acceptance of safety?
  • How is safety to be demonstrated?
  • How is risk to be controlled or monitored when changes occur?

The group assists the “speakers” (nominated by CER) participating in ERA (European Railway Agency) working groups focusing on safety issues, to wit:

-* Common Safety Methods for Risk Assessment (CSM CSM Common Safety Methods -RA),

-* Common Safety Methods for monitoring (CSM for monitoring),

-* Certification of Entities in Charge of Maintenance (CECM),

-* Common Safety Performance (CSP),

-* Safety Certification (SafeCert).

In addition, “Task Forces” are set up to deal with specific issues.

The SSMG/CER Safety Support Group drafts summary documents on subjects addressed by the ERA and responds to questions raised by spokespersons for ERA working groups in order to defend the interests or RUs and IMs vis-à-vis the ERA’s proposals and explain the corresponding operational safety consequences.

The group’s work in 2012 made it possible for CER to take position on every ERA project in the field of safety and for experts to collaborate.

 Activities of the UIC/CER joint working group

  • CSM-RAC (Common Safety Methods – Risk Assessment Criteria) The aim is to set criteria which enable a risk to be recognised as sufficiently low, making it unnecessary to resort to other measures (technical, operational, human) to further reduce that risk.
  • The aim is to apply these criteria in the assessment of Common Safety Methods (CSM) for the evaluation and estimation of risks. CER has already produced several position papers on this multifaceted, complex and highly technical subject, and is continuing to produce them. Nevertheless ERA will keep the present values in the revised regulation.
  • Assessment Bodies (ABs) for Common Safety Methods The aim is to set the conditions and outline of the certificate authorising a body to assess Common Safety Methods (CSM) in accordance with the regulation (EC) 352/2009.

These two points (CSM-RAC and ABs) are the two key features of the revision of CSM-RA regulations in which CER experts have been actively collaborating with the support of the SSMG/CER SSG and which will soon be finalised.

  • Certification of Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) The subject is the certification of entities carrying out maintenance work that guarantees the safety of foreign vehicles, in order to enable RUs in charge of operations to include them in their trains. In 2011 the SSMG/CER SSG finalised CER’s proposal for wagons.
  • Guidance for CSM for monitoring These are uniform methods and amounts of monitoring to be carried out as part of an SMS SMS Safety Management System and developed in accordance with the European Safety Directive. A CER position paper is not expected by ERA.
  • Guidance for CSM for supervision These are uniform methods and amounts of supervision to be carried out by NSAs and developed in accordance with the European Safety Directive.
  • Meetings with representatives of national safety authorities (ILGGRI) In March 2012 an SSMG/CER SSG delegation attended a meeting of the ILGGRI “regulatory group” to discuss:
    • CSM for monitoring,
    • CSM RAC,
    • CECM for all vehicles,
    • the draft single safety certificate.

Next meeting planned in April 2013.

 Work programme 2013

  • Draft of the 4th railway package
  • Conclusion of revision work on CSM, RAC HF and organisation
  • WG ERA on single safety certificate,
  • CECM for all types of vehicles
  • operational register of vehicles in the context of the introduction of ECMs,
  • smartcard of drivers (electronic card containing data about drivers licence and attestations)
  • other subjects depending on ERA and CER.




Projects Officer, Interoperability and Safety
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