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During the life of the project

It goes without saying that UIC must perform all project tasks in accordance with the EC contract and with EC administrative and financial guidelines.

In order to avoid any financial/administrative problems which may have financial consequences for UIC, it is essential to ensure that the costs that UIC invoices to the EC are eligible and accepted by EC .

Please note that costs are eligible and reimbursed by the European Commission only from the date of signature. All expenses incurred before this date are non-eligible and as such non-refundable.

Throughout the life of the project, the following documents should be supplied to the financial/administrative manager for EC projects:

  • Timesheet (EU Projects Timesheet {Excel}). Please fill it in each month (one for each project funded by the European Commission). This timesheet should be signed by you.
  • After each business trip, a copy of your travel sheet with the original train/plane tickets. For plane tickets, it is essential to keep your boarding pass as proof that you actually took the flight. Without these documents, tickets are not refunded.
  • Minutes (with attendance list) of the meeting to which you travelled, as soon as you receive them. These minutes constitute proof of travel for the European Commission.
  • If meetings are organised at UIC, a copy of the room hire form and any costs related to the organisation of the meeting.
  • A copy of each invoice you sign.
  • A copy of all contracts and sub-contracts.

The above documents must be produced for UIC cost statements and EC audits. If they are not supplied, the EC may not acknowledge the declared UIC costs as eligible and UIC may be asked to reimburse all ineligible and non-accepted costs even after project completion.

To ensure effective coordination within UIC HQ as well as with UIC members working on the project and other parties requesting information, it is suggested that the UIC coordinator responsible for EC projects be kept regularly informed about progress made with the project. If he is not already directly involved as UIC Project Manager or elsewhere in the project management structure, he should:

  • attend the kick-off meeting and relevant Project Board meetings at the discretion of UIC Manager,
  • receive a copy of UIC reports to the EC on all EC research projects with UIC participation,
  • be consulted on decision making issues and any significant problems,
  • receive all EC evaluation and assessment reports on project progress.
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