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6th UIC Railways Freight Noise Reduction

“Bringing things together”

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 at UIC Headquarters, Paris

UIC promotes silent railways. In a series of annual workshops UIC reports on progress, in particular in terms of the freight rolling stock with composite brake blocks. The speakers will address issues such as the EU policy and planned incentives such as noise related track access charges and how the railways are reacting on these initiatives. A major point will also be the current state of the art of K- and LL-block homologation and how the railways are dealing with the technical problems that have been encountered like e.g. the equivalent conicity issue and how these problems is foreseen to be solved within different UIC projects as e.g. the EuropeTrain project.

Further issues will be a presentation on the TSI TSI Technical Specifications for Interoperability Noise revision and presentations on other noise and vibration issues in order to keep the scope large and bringing things more together. Within this scope UIC is happy to announce that we this year will have a presentation by Cynthia Lulham, Councilor for the City of Westmount, Quebec, who has extensive experience and knowledge of the Proximity Initiative in Canada partnering the Railway Association of Canada (RAC) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU MoU Memorandum of Understanding ). Cynthia Lulham has over the last eight years acted as the first FCM Co-chair and as the current Program Manager, which has giving her a unique perspective of the on-going noise issues in Canada facing both railways and municipalities issues.

The project programme foresees ample time for discussion and the coffee and lunch breaks will allow many opportunities for networking with colleagues from the railway sector as well as government and industry.

Documents from the workshop

PDF - 204.9 kb
PDF - 1.9 Mb
01 Schwarz UIC, welcome
PDF - 1.4 Mb
02 Oertli SBB, Bringing things together
PDF - 1.8 Mb
03 Rapacz EU, Rail noise policy
PDF - 1 Mb
04 Lochman CER, Rail noise
PDF - 1.4 Mb
05 Huebner UIC, Noise differentiated track access charges
PDF - 540.7 kb
06 Fodiman SNCF, TSI noise revision
PDF - 2 Mb
07 Lulham RAC, Proximity issues
PDF - 1.6 Mb
08 Doersch DB ag, K-LL blocks homologation procedure
PDF - 1.5 Mb
09 Peen LRRE, B126.13C homologation
PDF - 1 Mb
10 Graeber DB ag, Europetrain
PDF - 3.4 Mb
11 Mortensen UIC, UIC noise projects
PDF - 4.2 Mb
13 Poisson SNCF, Stardamp

Attached documents

Zip - 2.3 Mb
Garburg_ Freight Noise Vibrations
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