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GSM-R Implementation Report

The trigger for starting studying any change in a GSM-R GSM-R Global System for Mobile Communications-Railways Specifications is through a so called “Implementation Report”, which is signaling an implementation issue, a error in the specification, or a need for a new functionality; the way to follow up is decided in the so called GSM-R Pre Qualification Group, gathering experts from the sector companies CER CER Community of the European Railways and EIM EIM European Rail Infrastructure Managers , ERA ERA European Railway Agency and UIC, deciding on the need of starting the work to find solutions to the reported problem, as well as the impact on Interoperability. The procedure to send such a an Implementation Report is to download the template, which can be found in the EIRENE & IR section of this chapter, fill it following the instruction and send it to the mail address:

eir_gsmr uic.org

The sender will be informed on the acceptance or the rejection of the Implementation Report; it is also possible that additional information will be required, for better understanding of the issue.

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Implementation Report Template
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