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Supplier Invoices

 Supplier Invoices - Rules to be observed

Invoices must obligatorily be made out to the International Union of Railways and addressed to the Accounts Section. They must be original documents.

Compliant with the European VAT regulations in force, please remember to pass-on to your suppliers, for all goods deliveries, the UIC VAT number as follows: FR 43 784601841

To avoid UIC being charged VAT , the Accounts Section shall reject any invoice including VAT billed by a supplier to the EU .

With respect to the provision of services :

  • Certain operations carried out in Community Member States may be VAT-liable or liable to other similar taxes, but in this case the VAT amount can be recouped.
  • Fairs, shows, expos and other services (leasing of expo space, installation of exhibition stands, etc.) are VAT-liable.
  • Services bought from consultants, engineers, sundry consulting firms (organisation, research, development), provision of personnel, etc., may be VAT-liable .

In non-EEC countries except Switzerland, VAT cannot be recouped and consequently adds to costs.

UIC contact person: Catherine Schwartz

 Certification of invoices

Full or partial invoices must be:

  • Validated by the Project Manager against the conformity of the object or service provided and of the amount of the invoice : Deliverables as specified in the contract must be validated by the reference experts before being declared satisfactory, so allowing validation of the invoice by the Project Manager. Invoices issued by the contracting party may only be settled if the above conditions are met.
  • Signed by the Project Director, so authorising payment to be made.

Payment shall only take place after the original invoice has been returned to the UIC Accounts Section by the Project Director. .

See Appendix: Authority to sign for the commitment of expenses.

UIC contact person : Valérie Join