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Feasability study

A Feasibility Study Group comprised of persons chosen primarily from among the representatives of UIC Members which have shown an interest n the project, and placed under the responsibility of the relevant UIC Department Director, shall prepare a feasibility study. The feasibility study shall take stock of work already done on the subject within or outside UIC. The study shall contain the following information:

  • project objectives, characteristics and deliverables, including a cost-benefit analysis ;
  • participation of any entities not belonging to UIC , and the conditions governing their participation;
  • expected duration and annual programme of work; if the project spans a long period of time or is costly, the project may be split-up into several stages. Nonetheless an overall view of the must be provided at the outset;
  • number and qualifications of the staff needed full time or part time ;
  • project management group comprising notably :
    • the relevant Department Director or another person appointed by the Chief Executive or the Deputy Chief Executive, who shall be the Project Director ;
    • a project manager responsible for operational, administrative and financial management of the project ;
  • Funding:
    • amount of expenditure to be budgeted for and funding, with an estimate per year or per phase ;
    • conditions of remuneration for the contribution of certain Members with specific expertise ;
    • the apportionment key to share funding among Members ;
    • any subsidies envisaged.