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Projects to be rolled-out in year Y must be included in the programme of work validated by the Forums/Platforms, then approved by the European Management Committee at the end of June of year Y-1 and subsequently by the European Assembly at the end of the second half of year Y-1. Depending on the scale of the projects, a preliminary study will necessarily have been submitted to the Forum/Platform Steering Committee of year Y-2.

The document underpinning project presentation is the project sheet (Appendix A – Project Sheet)

 April-May year Y-1

  • Validation of programme of work for year Y and corresponding budget proposals by the relevant study bodies (Forum/Platform)
  • Documents :
    • Table/ Forum – Platform new projects year Y, projects year Y-1 extending into Y, EU projects, permanent activities
    • Project sheet (new projects)

 May-June year Y -1

  • Information and guidelines of European Management Committee
  • Documents :
    • Consolidated table : total projects & activities / Forum - Platform
    • First estimation of project fees per member

 October-November year Y-1

  • Validation of project proposals submitted by working bodies (vote-taking)
  • Documents :
    • Consolidated table : total projects & activities/ Forum – Platform
    • Project sheets (new projects)
    • Simulation table of called funds per project and per member

 November year Y-1

  • Members not wishing to participate in a project shall so inform the chairman and chief executive during the two-week period preceding the General Assembly meeting. November-December year Y-1 : General Assembly + European Management Committee
  • validation of programme of work & budget proposals for year Y
  • Documents :
    • Consolidated table = total projects & activities/ Forum - Platform
    • Project sheets (all projects for year Y)
    • Table of called funds /project/member

 January year Y

  • Call for funds in respect of projects for year Y

Over the November-December period, the Project Director and Project Manager shall canvass members not wishing to participate to demonstrate to them the pertinence of the project and convince them to join in it. If they succeed in their approach, the member concerned shall send a written undertaking to the Secretary General.