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Once the project has been validated by the European Management Committee, the Project Manager must:

  • identify the tasks and relevant technical work batches, as well as the corresponding work phases
  • determine the most appropriate method of carrying them out
  • specify the financial needs of the Project.

The Project Director and Project Manager must :

  • check the coherence of the tasks involved
  • assure planning visibility for the different tasks (MS Project – Appendix D) and stages, and report any risk-involving aspects
  • decide the project symbol and title
  • ensure that the different aspects of the project are reflected in the « project sheet – Appendix A » describing the project, its added value and technical/financial features,
  • Define the division of tasks, in particular as between the Project Manager and the Head of Mission (see paragraph 4)


  • An analytical code must be allotted to the project by the Accounts Section ; it shall accompany the project throughout its duration.
  • An environment for sharing working documents on the project can be developed (see Hugo Michel).