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Conférence sur la maintenance des voies/Track Maintenance Conference
Libreville, Gabon, 11 /13 Sept 2013

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Libreville, Gabon, 11 /13 Septembre 2013


Conférence sur la maintenance des voies/Track Maintenance Conference
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 The Regional Assembly Africa

The UIC Regional Assembly for Africa, comprising railway companies from African countries, is chaired by Mohammed Khlie, Chief Executive of Moroccan National Railways (ONCF)

The UIC Regional Office, inaugurated on 12 November, benefits from the organisational and logistic support of the Tunisian railways and is managed by Mr Mokhtar Essadok from SNCFT. Its main task will consist in overseeing the implementation and follow-up of the action plan of the UIC African Region and encouraging the development of cooperative links between African members and with international bodies.

UIC Paris Headquarters support cooperation activities in the African region through the Regional Coordinator Jean-Pierre Lehman and the UIC technical departments whenever needed.

The UIC Regional Assembly for Africa met twice in 2010: 27 July in Tripoli and on 10 November in Tunis.

 The programme of work

The proposed short-term action plan for the UIC African Region included:

  1. Organisational start-up and in particular opening the UIC Regional Office for Africa in Tunis,
  2. Financial framework (in particular the financial procedure for running the Tunis office, improving the situation with regard to member fees and drafting the UIC Africa budget for 2011),
  3. Preparing the working themes of the UIC Executive Board for Africa, whilst taking into account previous UIC work which resulted in the development of a “Vision 2025 for Africa”,
  4. Cooperation initiatives: the action plan makes provision for cooperation with other UIC regions (seminar on stress), international organisations with relevant competence in the African Region, the African Union, the European Union (TAIE AIE Agence Internationale pour l’Energie X programme), the African Union of Railways (AUR) and financial institutions – primarily the African Development Bank.

 The UIC Africa Team

Mohammed Khlie, UIC Africa Chairman, Chief Executive of Moroccan National Railways (ONCF)

Mokhtar Essadok, from SNCFT, Officer in charge of Tunis Office

Attached documents

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Allocution de Monsieur le Président de l’UIC Afrique
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Members UIC Africa

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