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Project Director

Project Director

Origin UIC – Department Director
Expertise Technical, Strategic and Financial
Member of Forum/Platform Steering Committee, UIC, Management Committee, Project Management Group
Reports Regional Assembly for Europe, Management Committee Europe), Forum/Platform
Tasks - Selects the project manager and, where necessary, a head of mission (« chargé de mission ») directly responsible for the project ; he/she also defines the action scope – which can vary from one project to another.
- Oversees progress and makes decisions ensuring successful completion of the project
- Validates the terms of contracts (technical work batches, choice of providers)
- Gives his/her assent (Clearance for payment) based on the originals of invoices
Responsibilities - Technical coherence between UIC projects and strategy
- (Legal and financial) commitments entered-into by UIC
- Demonstration of the added value of projects
Nature of relationship Project reporting line



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