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7th annual workshop on railway noise reduction

8 - 9 November 2011, UIC Headquarters in Paris

UIC promotes silent railways. In a series of annual workshops UIC reports on progress, in particular on issues concerning retrofitting rolling stock with composite brake blocks. Both political issues (e.g. EU policy, noise differentiated track access charges, freight corridor effects) as well as technical questions (e.g. progress in composite brake block homologation, first results from the EuropeTrain) will be addressed. This year’s workshop additionally enlarges the scope to include developments within individual railways and countries. A total of 14 railways/countries will report on progress.

UIC supports several noise projects, such as studies on bearable noise limits, noise annoyance correction factors and of follow-up costs of noise abatement. The workshop will include progress reports on this ongoing work.

Finally a panel discussion, including representatives of the EU, CER CER Community of the European Railways , UIC as well as the Corridor A (Rotterdam – Genova) will highlight the current issues and allow workshop attendees to participate in the European noise discussion.

The project programme foresees ample time for discussion and the coffee and lunch breaks will allow many opportunities for networking with colleagues from the railway sector as well as government and industry.

UIC invites you to attend this workshop. It is free of charge, however we request you to register online. Please register until Friday, October 28, 2011


PDF - 27.1 ko

The language of the workshop will be English.

 1st Day presentations (08 November 2011)

PDF - 1.6 Mo

Ms Blidberg

PDF - 856.1 ko

Mr. Blumensaadt-Jensen

PDF - 1 Mo

Mr. de Vos

PDF - 258.8 ko

Mr. de Vos

PDF - 1.4 Mo

Mr. de Vos

PDF - 2.2 Mo

Mr. Dörsch

PDF - 3.9 Mo

Mr. Elbers

PDF - 1002.3 ko

Ms Mortensen

PDF - 5.3 Mo


PDF - 1.6 Mo

Mr. Örtli

PDF - 1.5 Mo

Mr. Örtli - Welcome -

PDF - 3.4 Mo

Mr. Poikolainen

PDF - 1 Mo

Ms Ruiz Sierra

PDF - 224.3 ko

Mr. Simonsen

 2nd Day presentations (09 November 2011)

PDF - 595.8 ko

Mr. Chéron

PDF - 907 ko

Mr. Craven

PDF - 568.8 ko

Mr. Dinhobl

PDF - 2.6 Mo

Mr. Gessner

PDF - 224.3 ko

Mr. Golimo-Simonsen

PDF - 164 ko

Mr. Groot

PDF - 6.9 Mo

Mr. Hlavacek

PDF - 1 Mo

Mr. Huebner2

PDF - 5.4 Mo

Mr. Leermakers

PDF - 1.3 Mo

Mr. Marshall

PDF - 1.8 Mo

Mr. Örtli

PDF - 661 ko

Mr. Poisson

PDF - 1.7 Mo

Mr. Rapacz

PDF - 538.9 ko

Mr. Ricciardi

PDF - 1.7 Mo

Mr. Veitch

PDF - 1.5 Mo

Mr. Wisniewski

PDF - 1.8 Mo

Mr. Yntema

If you have further questions, please contact Jakob Oertli (jakob.oertli

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