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Signing of contracts and agreements

Contracts underpinning the execution of a project shall be signed by the Chief Executive or Deputy Chief Executive when their overall value exceeds € 300 000.

The Project Director concerned is empowered, on the authority of the Chief Executive or Deputy Chief Executive, to sign contracts for a value not exceeding € 300 000 .

Pursuant to European Directive 2004/17 covering service contracts exceeding the € 422 000 threshold (threshold as at 1 June 2007), tender calls must additionally comply with specific transparency and advertising rules. The UIC Legal Affairs Section shall play a supporting role in respect of the aforesaid procedures.

All service contracts must be vetted before signature by the Secretary General, who is empowered to delegate this responsibility.

Contracts must be signed before the start of the corresponding work.

Apart from the application of the statutory rules governing competition and market adjudication, the Project Director shall more specifically ensure that bids for contracts are issued as broadly as possible among UIC Members able to provide the services specified and among reputed external bodies.

Contracts worth more than € 100 000 must be the subject of tendering.

A comparison process is strongly recommended for contracts worth € 50 000 and over.

The Project Controller may ask to see the different bids.

Appended document: Model service-provision contract. Service-provision contracts can be awarded to members.

UIC contact person for Legal Affairs : - Emmanuelle Nedjar

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