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TAF TSI Master Plan 2012

 Preliminary Master Plan

the Preliminary Master Plan is available on the ERA website.

 Background documents

The Documents below were used for developing individual company responses for the new TAF TSI TAF TSI Technical Specifications for Interoperability for Telematic Applications for Freight deployment Master Plan.

Framework Plan for the Development of the TAF TAF Telematic Applications for Freight -TSI TSI Technical Specifications for Interoperability Master Plan

PDF - 819.4 kb
Masterplan Framework Plan v1

Presentation for Master Plan Information Workshop - 15 February 2012

PDF - 933 kb
Workshop presentation with the TTID part

Documents for Kick-off meeting - 26 January 2012

Annex - Masterplan milestones
PDF - 508.4 kb
Cover Letter
PDF - 151.7 kb
TAF Steering Committee organisation
PDF - 260.4 kb
Annex - Masterplan framework 2012-01-30
Zip - 71.1 kb
(mpp version 2007)
Zip - 47.9 kb
(mpp version 2003)
Excel - 32.5 kb
(mpp file as Excel file)
Invitation kick off meeting master plan
PDF - 186.6 kb
DG Move presentation
PDF - 346.3 kb
TAF Masterplan framework presentation
PDF - 774.7 kb
TAP Masterplan framework presentation
PDF - 916.4 kb
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