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2nd Level - 1st Edition Training on High Speed Systems

19 - 23 March 2012 - Madrid - Spain

Since 2004 more than 250 students have taken active part in the Training on High Speed Sessions -THSS- on an annual basis to learn more and share their experience with us (UIC members).

The 8th session was organised in September 2011 and more sessions are planned for future years.

Following proposals made by students in previous editions and at the request of UIC members, we are now offering a second level of training focusing on more in-depth and specific elements of high speed systems, with a particular emphasis on the theoretical aspects of fundamental issues (standards, environment, modelling, etc.).

Particular attention will be given to the analysis and discussion of practical cases, which can prove highly useful when taking decisions in practice. A series of technical visits will complement the course programme.

The first edition of this Level 2 THSS will be held in Spain in March 2012 thanks to the cooperation of Spanish stakeholders in the field of high speed (Renfe Operadora, Adif and Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles FFE).

You will find more detailed information on this innovative and unique training session.

You can apply with the registration form attached.

Find the presentations.

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