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IRSN - International Railway Safety Network

  • Chairman : Hans Vogt, SBB,CFF
  • Secretary : Isabelle Fonverne, UIC

IRSN has the goal to foster safety for railways by

  • Exchanging of safety experience and backgrounds
  • Learning from each other
  • Facilitating good and trusting relations among railway safety experts

Members : BLS, CFL, CP, DB AG, JBV, JR-Group, JRE, NS, ÖBB, ProRail, RENFE, RSSB RSSB Railway Safety Standards and Boards , SNCF, SBB, Trafikverket, Trenitalia ; Participation of representatives of UIC Safety Unit

Meetings : 3-4 times yearly (1 meeting in January in London, 1 meeting in September in Paris, one in November in Luxembourg)

Results 2013/14 :

• Profound information about relevant safety issues

• Numerous l surveys for comparing safety practices in the different companies

o Train external stops for emergency brakes o Thrown away ballast by trains o Estimation of costs of suicides o Derailments (or near derailments) with high speed trains, especially with regards to tunnels o Adhesions problems (Accident CP, 21.1.2013) o Comparison Train protection systems o Survey : unannounced alcohol tests, Synopsis o Thefts in freight trains

Activities 2014/15 :

• Continuation of the work in the sense of the policy (Exchange of safety experience, learning from each other)

• Further enhancement of efficiency without fostering administration

• Improving quick mutual information about major accidents



Projects Officer, Interoperability and Safety
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