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Travel arrangements

 Travel arrangements

Travel arrangements must be planned as early as possible (three-week deadline preferably) using an assignment sheet (Form enclosed). Best rail connections must be used when scheduling the organisation of meetings. The Assignment Sheet, duly completed by the Project Manager, must be signed by the staff concerned and the Project Director. The Assignment Sheet shall be copied to the UIC General Secretariat ((Travel Section - NUNES-BENJAMIN Filomena), if travel documents, and particularly train tickets (coupons, passes, etc.) are needed for the person to carry out his/her assignment. For reasons of efficiency, the persons travelling are advised to order their own train reservations, and to involve the UIC Travel Section only in case of difficulty. When travelling is involved (for train journeys lasting over 14 hours), flying may be the cheapest option particularly when the fare payable by UIC is lower than the train fare. The Project Manager, when deciding whether air travel is used, subject to the assent of the Project Director, shall particularly take into account the air fare plus the value of time gained with using this transport system.

Air tickets can be ordered through the Travel Section (include copy of Assignment). When air travel is chosen for a particular trip, the Project Manager must endorse the Assignment Sheet and briefly justify his/her choice, specifying the assent given by the Project Director.

It is reiterated that the air-travel option must absolutely be substantiated by the context of the trip and of the meeting itself. Use of air travel shall be strictly controlled, but when this unavoidable, the original air ticket must imperatively be included with the invoice.

Travel allowances shall be calculated from a table of expenses, except for trips TRIPS Transport Rail Infrastructure Protection Systems within France or to Brussels, where amounts shall be calculated on the basis of real costs for UIC staff. Amounts allotted on the basis of the above table shall allow for the mean residential cost in 2-star/3-star hotels (French standard), meals and sundry expenses per country of destination.

Caution: the assignment sheet shall serve as cash voucher justifying the payment of allowances and, subsequently, the issue of currency. Allowances paid shall be controlled by the General Secretariat. In case of difficulty, the person travelling shall contact the Travel Section of the General Secretariat.

The amounts of the allowances shall be calculated on the basis of time spent away from base to carry out the assignment, with regard to time of departure from and return to base station/airport.

These allowances can be lower when some of the costs are met directly by the railway companies or bodies hosting the meetings.

If the expenses incurred do not exceed the amount of the allowances paid, no proof of expenditure shall be required of the person concerned. However in case his/her expenses should exceed the amount of the allowances, all receipts accumulated during the assignment must be kept. A top-up amount shall only be paid against presentation of supporting documents.

Travel allowances shall be refunded to the railway companies and the different service contractors on presentation of the corresponding invoice.

 Travelling by Project Directors

The travel expenses and , if any, the business expenses of Project Directors travelling to the place of execution of a project as part of their remit, shall be charged to the budget of the relevant project .

 Travelling by Heads of Mission

The travel expenses of Heads of Mission travelling to the place of execution of the project as part of their remit shall be charged to the budget of the corresponding budget. The Project Manager may not oppose these travelling arrangements and shall be charged the corresponding expenses. The Assignment Sheet shall be endorsed by the relevant Project Director .

The Heads of Mission invited to meetings not directly relevant to the projects in which they are involved, must arrange for their Assignment Sheet to be endorsed by the Project Manager, who shall be charged the corresponding expenses.

In this specific case the Project Manager who authorises the trip shall implicitly accept charging of the corresponding expenses to his/her budget.

The travel expenses of Project Managers must be authorised by the Project Director or, in the latter’s absence, by the UIC Secretary General.

 Travel by controlling staff

The assignment expenses of controlling staff shall be charged to the budget controlled. These assignments are an integral part of their activities and the corresponding costs shall be charged to the budget controlled. The Assignment Sheet shall be endorsed by the Secretary General.