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 Controlling officer

Title Controlling officer
Origin UIC
Expertise Management control
Member of General Secretariat
Reports to Secretary General
Tasks - Leads controlling team,
- - Draws-up financial-control reports on the basis of an annual programme and ensures deployment of any measures deemed appropriate
- - Calculates and validates members’ contributions to projects and activities with a European dimension
- - Appends his/her signature to contracts under the authority of the Secretary General
Responsibilities - Financial control of projects & activities with a European dimension
Nature of relationship Controlling function

 Controlling assistant

Title Controlling assistant
Origin UIC
Expertise Budgetary management
Member of General Secretariat
Reports to Project Director and Controlling Officer
Tasks - Coordinates monitoring and reporting (financial, deliverables,…),
- - ensures proper use of funds provided
Responsibilities - Quality of commitment-based project monitoring (contracts, invoices, project sheet …)
- - Budgetary visibility to support project steering process Nature of relationship support function
Nature of relationship support function

 Description of Controlling tasks

  • Assistance and coherence control during budgetary preparation phase The Controlling function shall receive and check proposals for the budget in respect of year Y+1. It shall check the comprehensiveness of file contents but shall not question the expediency of submitting a budget. Nevertheless when a budget is clearly under-evaluated or over-evaluated, the Controlling function shall bring this to the attention of the Secretary General.
  • Calculation of contributions per project The Controlling function shall be responsible for calculating the contributions (Vanuatu), used for compiling
    • The validation tables for the General Assembly, taking account of members applying to withdraw from or participate in projects (Vanuatu)
    • The final tables for invoicing purposes (Vanuatu)
  • Advice to Project Directors/Project Managers and reporting The Controlling function shall inform and advise the Project Director and Project Manager at each stage of the project. In the interests of the relevant Department Director, it shall provide the reporting and financial overview for all projects run by the Department concerned. It shall prepare consolidated tables (all projects & activities/ Forums – Platform) for statutory meetings. It shall regroup comments on individual projects for the final report.
  • Monitoring of commitments Within the NAVISION integrated management system, the Controlling Assistant shall be responsible for:
    • updating the data on projects with a European dimension
    • the capture of data on contract-related commitments
  • Supervision of budgetary monitoring performed by project managers The Controlling assistant shall ensure compliance with budgets and analyses any discrepancies. To this end, he/she shall organise meetings with the project managers as part of his/her remit.
  • Contractual documents The Controlling assistant shall oversee the regularity of contracts, particularly from the standpoint of financial arrangements and penalty clauses, in conjunction with the Legal Affairs Section (E. Nedjar). The two parties shall ensure that UIC interests are properly safeguarded. The signature of the Secretary General shall then be appended to all contracts before they are signed by Project Director .The Secretary General can delegate this task to the Controlling Officer who shall keep him/her informed of any difficulty encountered.
  • Internal reporting The Controlling Officer, as part of his/her role as internal controller of projects & activities, shall be responsible for checking that legal/budgetary procedures are duly observed, and in particular :
    • Compliance with procedures for committing expenditures
    • Observance of the application of competency thresholds Internal audits shall be conducted on the decision of the Secretary General. Each such exercise shall generate a report for submission to the Secretary General, who shall take any measures deemed appropriate. The report on each project audited in this way shall then be referred to the Project Director and Project Manager by the Secretary General .