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Location Codes (ENEE)

ENEE ENEE European Railway Location Database is the European Railway Location Database, which includes existing documents (DIUM, LIF stations, etc.). It is the reference for existing or future applications in the passenger, freight and infrastructure sectors at international level.

PDF - 972 kb
Overall presentation of the ENEE database

 Leaflet 920-2

The code is defined in the UIC/OSJD OSJD Organisation for the Collaboration between Railways (OSZhD) Leaflet 920-2 - the leaflet is available here. Members can download the leaflet by using their user IG and password. Non-members can order the leaflet.


UIC members may download the Station list of the ENEE ENEE European Railway Location Database database in CSV format or the ENEE database in XML format (see also XML specification below). The download is password protected. Please contact us if you would like to get access (enee uic.org).

Zip - 2.8 Mb
XML ENEE database 20/06/2014
Comma Separated Values - 7 Mb
CSV ENEE station list 20/06/2014
PDF - 310.4 kb
CSV Data content description


UIC members may also consult the content of the database (restricted access):

PDF - 103.2 kb
User guide for consultation of ENEE via the web interface

 Manual updates

Location Data may be entered and updated directly into the ENEE database using the Web-based interface. Each rail company can designate a responsible person to update its location. Access right can be requested here : (enee uic.org)

PDF - 134.9 kb
User guide for data administration of ENEE via the web interface

 Electronic updates

Location Data can be synchronised with domestic systems using XML messages. In exceptional cases other solutions are possible, Contact Fabrice SETTA (enee uic.org) for more information.

PDF - 118.4 kb
Specification for data exchange with XML messages

We moved the Border point allocation form here.

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