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High Speed principles and advantages

 High Speed principles

They are two important principles for any high speed rail system:

1 - High Speed Railway is not element but systems. They are in fact very complex system, comprised by state of the art of all following components:

  • Infrastructure
  • Station emplacement
  • Rolling Stock
  • Operation rules
  • Signalling systems
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance systems
  • Financing
  • Management
  • Legal aspects

2 - High speed is not unique and must be adapted to all the countries and circumstances: As well as other railway systems, high speed can be considered under different conceptions, regarding commercial aspects, operation aspects, etc.

 High Speed advantages

Considerable advantages of highspeed trains

  • high capacity
  • environmental respect
  • high safety

The performance which supports high speed for customers are :

  • Commercial speed - travel with a high level of speed
  • Total time of travel - benefit a short travel time from door to door
  • Frequency - profit of a high level of available transports, that what signifies short total travel time (in general, the half of the frecquency is included in the total time of travel)
  • Reliability - profit of a reliable system of transport, which works independent in nearly each case of weather
  • Accessibility - you can enter a train spontaneous without long check in times, which supports you high level of flexibility
  • Price
  • Comfort - there is a higher level of comfort (in terms of space, accelerations, noise, light, etc.) than in the plane, bus, or a average car
  • Safety - High speed trains are the safeties transport medium
  • “Freedom” - during your trip, you can go every where and every time you want, else in the restaurant, to the lavatory, or only for promenade, seatbelts are nor necessaries, electronic devices aren’t limited, etc.

HS advantages for Society

  • Offers high capacity of transport - Up to 400,000 passengers per day - Reduce traffic congestion
  • Respects the environment - Efficient use of land (1/3 motorway - Energy efficiency (x 9 planes / x 4 cars)
  • Helps economic development
  • High Speed Rail promotes logical territory structure and helps contain urban sprawl

HS Safety

Up today, no accident with injured passenger at more than 200 km/h

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