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ERIM Database

European Rail Infrastructure Masterplan Database

The ERIM Project, carried out in 2004-2007, has been based on a detailed database on main international corridors, mainly for freight, between 32 countries. The ERIM ERIM European Railway Infrastructure Masterplan database is constituted of about 50,000 route-km divided into 1,100 interconnected line sections enabling the corridors to be redefined to suit any particular business or political configuration.

The main areas covered by the database are:

  • Current and planned 2020 infrastructure provision (including detailed investment plans).
  • Estimations on current and 2020 traffic volumes
  • Estimations on current and 2020 capacity utilisation

The ERIM database will be updated regularly and the UIC Atlas of Infrastructure in the ERIM Network will be published on a yearly basis.


Senior advisor - Infrastructure - Market & development



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