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Updating statistics indicators

Indicators are changing in line with the developments within member companies. The splitting up of the railway business has in particular had a major impact on railway statistics. The specific business sectors covered by new members, especially newcomers, must also be taken on board. Users’ needs are changing with new topics emerging, such as environment and quality. The role of the Statistics Group is to define new indicators and statistics tables.

Harmonisation of statistics concepts

This is one of the main tasks of the Group: if the concepts used are not harmonised, the data is not homogeneous and as a result any data analysis is distorted. Members are in highly varied situations, both in terms of their legal status and their area of activities. It is more and more difficult to make comparisons between companies (and groups) with companies being bought, turned into subsidiaries or privatised. The coherence of railway statistics is at stake.


The Statistics Group is a discussion forum for statistics experts. It offers a means of strengthening personal ties and thereby improving the quality of data provision and exchange.

Lobbying force

By dint of its work and discussions, the Statistics Group enables railway companies to speak with one voice when responding to the expectations and/or demands of international bodies. For instance, it is thanks to efforts of the Statistics Group that the new European regulation on railway statistics (No 91/2003) drew heavily on statistics collected by UIC, with a view to avoiding duplication of work in the companies.


The Statistics Group comprises all personnes in charge of statistics at UIC active members. On their request, other UIC members may take part.

The Group’s members are those responsible of main statistics mandated by their undertaking. They commit themselves to actively participating to the Group’s works and to the international co-operation related to providing and exchanging statistical information as defined by the Group.

The Steering Committe is composed by some members of the Group, the Group’s Chairman and the UIC statistics expert. Its structure is lighter than the Group, considering the number of its participants; the Steering Committe prepares and develops the tasks to be achived on the Group’s proposal or on its own initiative, in order to ensure the follow up of the statistics activities, a domain for which there is continuous demand.

On proposal of the Steering Committee, the Statistics Group may agree on creating ad hoc working groups, which should study and solve peculiar statistical problems. Their mission and eventually their duration are precisely defined by the Committee.

The Statistics Group helds a plenary meeting once a year in december. The Steering Commitee meets during two days three times a year

Chairman of the Statistics Group: STERBA Roman, CD

UIC Expert:

Snejana Markovic-Chenais Economics & Statistics expert Relations with new members markovic uic.org

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