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ERTMS Operational Rules (EOR)



Since 1998, the ERTMS ERTMS European Rail Transport Management System Operational Rules project aims at helping railways to implement the ERTMS system. Hence, EOR project draws up joint rules and regulations for ERTMS and defines a strategy for managing the transition period. This shall facilitate the operation of the European train control-command system in the long run and manage the period of co-existence between old systems and ERTMS.


In order to achieve the follow-up activities focusing on development and evolutions of ERTMS operational rules, the project team worked closely with the ERTMS User Group - EEIG EEIG European Economic Interest Group in Brussels (European Economic Interest Group) and ERA ERA European Railway Agency (European Rail Agency) for the benefit of partner railways.

EOR Leaflet:

The EOR leaflet is aiming at guiding the operational process of implementing the ERTMS system. The final version has been delivered to the Leaflet Update Group for agreement.

EOR Recovery Study:

The EOR Recovery study is a sub-project working on a tool to evaluate and assess the operational time delays caused by ERTMS failures. Hence this sub-project’s main objective was to create a software tool that records the delays. The tool contains pre-programmed default values (as a result of special tests) for different operational situations, but enables also operators to input customised values. In this way it is tailored for the users’ needs. The tool is able to run on any PC platform. A first release of the tool was delivered to UIC in December 2005. In 2007, the sub-project team worked on the consolidation of the tool and engaged in discussions with the relevant partners in ERTMS.


Senior advisor - Infrastructure
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