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RAILCOM (Electromagnetic Compatibility between rolling stock and rail-infrastructure encouraging European interoperability)



  • Harmonisation of interference limits for train detection systems on TEN-T railway network;
  • Characterisation of the railway electromagnetic environment for communication systems, with correlation between EM emission and operating conditions of the system;
  • Compatibility between train detection systems (infrastructure) and electromagnetic interference from railway vehicles;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of railway communication systems between vehicles, infrastructure, employees and passengers

Contribution to:

Expected benefits from project results:

  • Reduction of time and resources required to demonstrate EMC compliance of rolling stock for pan-European operation by up to 90%;
  • Increase in communication system capacity and availability by up to 10% through the elimination of repeated messages due to corruption by electromagnetic interference;
  • 5-10% increase in track capacity/occupancy and traction power through refinement of worst case scenarios and assumptions currently employed in EMC assessment of rolling stock and train detection systems

For more information, the Railcom Final Reporting Conference.


George BARBU
Senior advisor - Satellite & Telematics Applications

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