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The Galileo Railway Applications Expert Group’s main activity is to follow up on matters relating to the certification and validation of Galileo for railway applications in the safety and non-safety area and to act in accordance with the mandate given by the UIC Executive Board to represent the railway viewpoint in contacts with EU projects and with the Galileo Joint Undertaking during the development stage of the Galileo Project which is due to enter operational service during the period 2008-2010.


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European Navigation Conference - Braunschweig, 19 – 21 October 2010

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presentation enc-gnss
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Full paper esnc gnss
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presentation enc 2010
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Paper enc gnss 2010
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Status report and background on noise related track access charges - German version
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presentation barbu

06 June 2008: ZEL-GNSS 2008 WORKSHOP

“GNSS-Based Train Position Detection Device”

18 & 19 October 2007: Galileo Symposium



Attached documents

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24 165 presentation enc gnss 2010



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