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CEN Workshop Agreements

CEN CEN European Committee for Standardization Controls , the European Committee for Standardization, established CEN Workshop Agreements (CWA’s) – based on the UIC/OSJD OSJD Organisation for the Collaboration between Railways (OSZhD) Leaflets.

In order to effectively implement the TSI TSI Technical Specifications for Interoperability , the TAF TAF Telematic Applications for Freight requires a number of common reference files and codification schemes to uniquely and unambiguously identify entities, objects and locations.

The aim of the Coding Structures Workshop was to develop CEN CEN European Committee for Standardization Controls Workshop Agreements (CWAs) which can be migrated later into formal European Norms (ENs). CWAs offer a fast track approach and provide the flexibility needed to put these standards into place to meet the needs of the developers before implementation of the TSI TAF.

The following CWAs have been produced:

  • CWA 15538:2006 Coding for customers in the rail transport chain
  • CWA 15539:2006 Numbering of and coding system for trains
  • CWA 15540:2006 Coding for railway undertakings, infrastructure managers and other companies, involved in the rail transport chain
  • CWA 15541:2006 Coding for railway business locations

The CWAs can be purchased at the national standard organisations accessible via the CEN website.

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