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 RCF1 (The passenger accounting group)

  • Responsible for regulations on passenger accounting for UIC member companies
    • Aims to standardise accounting allowing data exchanges which are more efficient and less costly in terms of Information Systems
    • Permanent adaptation of these accounting methods dependent on developments, notably in distribution.
    • Support for new entrants
      • Communication and explanation of regulations
      • Assistance in adapting revenue accounting systems
  • Responsible for regulations concerning passenger fraud

 RCF2 (Freight accounting - Rules governing financial relations between companies)


  • Develop and update UIC Leaflet 304 - Accountancy regulations applicable to international freight and express parcels traffic
  • Draw up accounting standards for all freight transport performed in accordance with CIM/CUV
  • Accounting procedures Data format and data Claims handling procedures Accounting deadlines and due dates Settlement

 RCF3 (Rules governing financial relations between companies)

The group is responsible for:

  • Developing and updating Leaflet 311
  • Finding solutions to financial issues concerning traffic services and bilateral or multilateral clearing via current accounts (BCC),
  • Finding solutions to financial issues concerning supply contracts and other general services
  • Addressing specific issues, e.g. financial relations, late payments, defaulting companies.
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