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The vocation of the Finance Committee has been to address cross-sector, financial matters on behalf of European active members, in particular :

  • repayment of revenue received from customers by the sales company to the companies involved in transport operations (principles set out in Leaflets 301, 304, 311) and internal audit of these repayments,
  • monetary issues (conversion of currencies, loss of cashflow in connection with revenue accounting arrears, value of transactions on a given date) including matters relating to fraud,
  • taxation questions relating to railway transport within the European Union and the European geographical area,
  • organization of the financial world and its development, as well as an element of financial comparison between members.

To follow these matters, UIC will distinguish sectors in line with members’ requirements.

  • a) Regulations: leaflets setting out common principles for repayment of revenue relating to traffic and protection from financial risk,
  • b) Sharing experience and benchmarking analysis
  • c) Expert structures at the service of members

The Bureau Central de Clearing (Brussels Clearing House), an independent Belgian structure, provides financial clearing services for its members, which are primarily UIC members.

  • Published 2011-11-30
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